I'm probably not the only one who sees pieces in stores then tell myself how the latter won't fit me properly without trying them on until the sale associate insist on me trying the piece on… I mean it's tempting and then… woops… surprise! This story happened with today's featured bathing suit. When Virginie showed it to me during our photo shoot, I told myself it won't fit, it wasn't my style, etc. I was dead wrong. I put it on and instantly fell in love with its monochromic look and soft patterns.

As for bathing suits, most of us have an idea of what works according to our body type: whether it's a triangle bikini, a one-piece or a balconette bra like the one I'm wearing today and the list goes on. However, for a successful tanning session (don't forget to apply sun cream), we need to change the styles in order to avoid unwelcomed tanning lines. I have a soft spot for strapless bathing suits whenever I'm sitting by the pool or on my condo's rooftop patio. However, many crushes my girls and for those who have a small bra size like I do, this isn't ideal. Today's featured model is the opposite of what I've mentionned above: it was created to recall a bra that gives support and volume to our beloved girls. I also fell in love with its three golden bands located at the back.

To complete the look, I opted for a chic maxi beach dress. I also wore the latter in Nicaragua as many times as I were on the beach than to go out to dinner with the girlfriends… there's no need in knowning this is a cover-up dress. I found the latter soft and delicate. Do you like it as much as I do?





I'm wearing: 

Bathing suit: Red Carter available on One Sun Fits All

Dress: Everyday Sunday

Necklace: Maksym

Photos by: Eva Maude TC

Location: Strom Spa




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