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The LBD is the Little Black Dress: a timeless wardrobe staple that every woman should have in her closet!

My wardrobe is filled with classic and timeless pieces of clothing that I know I can wear for many years to come as long as the fabric remains beautiful. I’ve always had a soft spot for black, it’s the color (or non-color) I have the most of in my wardrobe. In fact, there’s so much black that I sometimes confuse one item for another (oopsie!).

The LBD from Reitmans

I recently had an opportunity to collaborate with Reitmans to create a number of looks to feature on my blog. I wanted to reach out to women for whom fashion is strictly a necessity. We have to get dressed in the morning. It’s non-negotiable. We want beautiful worry-free clothing. Period. The LBD immediately comes to mind. The LBD is the Little Black Dress. It’s a simple dress that we slip into without hesitation. This season, we especially love it in the wrap style which molds itself perfectly to our body and flatters our waistline and décolleté. It’s feminine, delicate and every bit as appropriate for the workplace as it is for cocktail hour. This knee length dress from Reitmans is in fact the ideal length for all. The cut of the dress flatters the curves of both thinner and rounder women. I have very small breasts (which I like as is); however, this wrap dress creates an enticing neckline. Women with a more generous bustline can choose how much cleavage they want visible (or hidden) when they tie the dress.


As for makeup?

For today’s look, I wanted to mix things up a little so I went with dark lips and a smokey-eye in shades of grey. I like to amp up my makeup to add punch to an otherwise more subdued look.




The look:

Dress – Reitmans

Shoes – Mark par Avon

Necklace – Prysm

Earrings –Prysm

Photos – Vikki Snyder

Makeup – Ela Rossi

Location- Codmorse


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