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When the cold weather officially arrives, I have a very hard time to go for a run. By living a few streets away from Mount Royal, I love running in the woods after a long day at the office. However, I don’t always have the needed motivation once the temperature drops below freezing point. I’m always cold and if I shiver for one second, this doesn’t come as a great pleasure when I run and I usually find running a great source of happiness. I love the adrenaline rush, I love when I’m outdoing myself and love to see how far I can push my body’s limits. And most of all, I love when I’m surprising myself. If there’s something important when I’m doing any type of sports is to be comfortable with the clothes I’m wearing. I don’t want to think about what I’m wearing! Till recently, even though I knew the brand, I’ve never worn pieces from  Champion to do sports. Why’s that? It just never  happened before I guess.

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3 week challenge

Champion proposed me an idea : to create my own sport challenge. I thought for a long time: what do I wanna do? Then, I remember what I loved during my time as a swimmer – the presence of a coach to motivate me. So then, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone by trying a new type of training program by heading each week to  Epix Studio. This studio located in the heart of Montreal offers to its clientele urban bootcamps. What really caught my attention was the idea to train with a group (of a maximum of 20) during an hour and to be beyond exhausted after that intense hour. With my crazy schedule, the fact of knowing the exact duration of this class helps me to stay motivated. Furthermore, I have friends who love this place and never stop blabbing about it… so it was the time for me to join the group!

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The first time I went to this particular gym was during a week night with 6 friends of mine. The tested program was Epix Legs, Hard Core Abs which is described as follows: ” A combination of intensive cardiovascular intervals on a treadmill with multiple exercices working your strength and endurance that focuses on the core muscles and legs to tone, strengthen and harmonize the body.” I wasn’t disappointed. I love the way Éric Cormier, the coach, approached us. Highly motivated, he all pushed us to our limits. In fact, all the exercises were really easy to understand, you’d only need after to change the rhythm or the intensity according to our level of endurance or strength. Ditto with running on a treadmill, each participant were able to choose their own speed and its inclination in order to be exhausted but to our own level. I’d say this class is perfect for those of you who want to feel push, without feeling judged. Often, we’re scared to subscribe to this type of class by fear of having little groups formed and you being the outsider. I was happy this wasn’t the case!

 I went back yesterday morning to test the Tabata program which is described as follows :  “Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training method that offers more health benefits than traditional cardiovascular exercise. It’s short and efficient. The Tabata training method are as follow : 4 minutes long (whole Tabata Session) with 20 seconds of intense training an 10 seconds of rest. ” I’d have to admit I like the former class better. Naturally the coach has an important place of its own. The one on Sunday morning didn’t have Éric’s dynamism. However, it may also be the fact of feeling I was missing time to finish each rounds. Was it because I was only at my first visit and didn’t know all the shown movements? Probably. What will I test next week… to be continued…


My Champion outfit:

I’ve chosen a bra with great support in order that my boobies stay in place and won’t annoy me during the class. Since it’s winter, I opted for a long black legging that breathes during movements. Then, for the top, I didn’t have any simple boring t-shirts so I opted for a t-shirt and a grey sweater which was oh so comfortable. By seeing Champion’s new collection, I was charmed by the colors. My choice stopped on a mix of grey, black and blue, but I hesitated for a long time for a lilac collection.

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Verdict? My favorite piece will have to go for the legging. The latter offers great support and I wasn’t hot towards the legs area when I was feeling hot, just taking off the sweater was sufficient. The bra keeps its promise, nothing moves. Plus, it adds volume to my 32 A… which I’ll take without hesitation. What’s also very cool with this bra is the fact that you can adjust the straps, ideal for all of us ladies since no one has the same pair of boobies or like the same bra type!

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Well Gamin (my cat) didn’t want to model for too long…

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Photos taken by: my dear friend Michelle Gagné

Hair and makeup: Camille Buisson-Gentilhomme

PS: yes I have makeup on these photos… we shot this outfit post in between to scenes of our Tv show, but no, I NEVER go to the gym with makeup on!

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