I’d have to say there’s nothing less than an extremely ironic topic coming from me. (I can see my family and close friends laughing!) I’m the type of girl who brings her laptop, two curl irons (just in case one of them breaks) and 6 different type of mask… in wild camping! WHATTT? N0 too cautious, am I! In fact, what I’m about to do is to give you tips that are the furthest thing away from my bad habits, that I shall try to follow next time I’ll travel.


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1. Forget about those  “just in case”

Every one of my “just in case” ends up being cumbersome. No, you’d probably won’t need your very nice Sunday dress if you’re going to the cottage. You won’t need a different bathing suit for the number of days you’d be on vacation. Ask yourselves : am I really going to wear this? It will also avoid the situation when your boyfriend becomes a valet during your getaway!


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2. Plan each day

Write on a travel diary what you’ll plan on doing every day of you day if possible. Go to your closet and pick every outfit for those planned days. It’s a bit like choosing your next day outfit. Nothing overboard, strictly pick what’s needed without ending up naked on the third day.



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3. Check the weather forecast

Even if The Weather Network has clearly taken a few hits to the head since the beginning of summer, it’s always advised to check the weather forecast again in terms of your planning.


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4. Minimizing, trendy head to suitcase!

Expect to bring an extra layer for the colder day or for example a leather 0r jean jacket that will go look great with practically anything! A bathing suit for every two days, it’d be plenty even more so when comes time of washing it in the sink, also the tan lines will be less visible! Another thing to minimize: a pair of jeans, one pyjama, two bras (one light and other darker), one pair of slippers, a flat kind of shoe and one pair of heels if necessary.


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5. Break out your beauty artillery


First and foremost, I’d like to acknowledge the existence of those tiny plastic bottles made especially for traveling, they will be your best friends! Attention : label everything to avoid misadventures such as ending up using anti cellulite cream for a face moisturizer! Divide them into pouch: shower essentials, makeup and skin care product from the sun. You can put your makeup bag into your carry on bag, all you need when you’ll have to do some touch up.


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6. Bring an extra compartment

An additional bag during your trip can always be a life saver! Empty, of course! The “Pliage” bag from Longchamps are great (a must have if you haven’t purchased one), they’re strong, damp proof and have a lot of space for storage. You can use it as a beach bag, to bring back your souvenir or the cumbersome item from your initial luggage.


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7. Always check thoroughly the content of your future trip

As for clothing, break them into category on your bed (thank the lord for king size beds!) by the day and all the things you’d think on wearing with the latter. For the beauty pouch, divide the product by pouches and do your beauty routine in your head in order to find easily those products before leaving.



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8. Great suitcase, have a great trip!

Don’t hesitate to use the small practical tools such as the rollers on your heavy luggage or a cross body strap to help you balance your bag’s weight.



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And your suitcase is now ready without being overflowing!

I have no reason now to bring my whole closet during an upcoming trip… what was I thinking of writing this article!?!

Have a great trip!


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