An almost perfect mom.

I say ‘almost’ because she would be a wonderful mother but her body won’t cooperate to make a reality of her dream to be a mom.

What happens when our body fights against us instead of working with us? When we find ourselves standing in our own way? When something so natural suddenly becomes so complicated?

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She, this gentle, generous and caring woman. She who awaits you with open arms, ready to give you all the love you could possibly need. If only you, sweet little angel, knew how much you are wanted! She dreams about you and thinks of you every single day. You are a part of her life, from one day to the next, and in the songs she sings to herself.

It tears me up inside to see her disappointed every month because you haven’t quite managed to find a home in her belly. To see her so powerless in the face of this situation over which she simply has no control.

I hope you’ll be as stubborn as she is because she simply refuses to give up. She battles every day in the hope of eventually meeting you. It takes an incredible amount of strength to go through all that and continue to have faith that life will bring you to her.

She impresses me. She inspires me. She has the perfect combination of strength and gentleness. She is an accomplished artist. You’ll have lots of reasons to be proud of having her as a mother. You are all that’s missing to fill her heart with joy.

I’m proud to have her as a sister. My role in this is to provide her with support; to be the shoulder she can cry on when she misses you terribly; and to assure her that she does well to remain hopeful because you will come to her some day.

Brilliant little star, it’s time to come to us. Your parents are here to welcome you and believe me when I say that they are dying to meet you. You have no idea how lucky you are to have them both; they are exceptional, you’ll see.

See you soon!

From your favourite aunt who loves you so much

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