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This isn’t a secret, I’m pretty obsessed with “going on vacation” outfits or “I’m taking the plane” kinda outfits. They’re just so effortless, but oh so chic, let’s just say this is right down my alley! This is why I fell in love with Kate Bosworth’s outfit.

Whenever you’re traveling, you absolutely need to be comfortable. Let’s follow Kate by wearing many layers in order to keep yourself warm! Plus, there’s less weight in your suitcase and the coat is a perfect blanket if you ever decide to nap during the flight. The neutral color tone is always optional; we can easily notice that Kate probably wishes to get to her flight incognito. I mean it’s up to you if you want to stay in the same color palette! Let’s not forget the bag, which is super practical if you need lots of stuff at arm’s reach during your flight!

Shoes are also pretty important if you ever travel. They obviously need to be comfortable, however you’d want something that can be taken off easy, only being polite during security check. Small tip, always have an extra pair of socks in your purse, you don’t want to walk barefoot on the not-so clean airport floor.

The black sunglasses are a necessity when she wants to hide from the paparazzi. And also can I write a bit about her eyes, her best features, so particular, one blue and the other green…. I mean come one! Obsessed!

Kate Bosworth, Kate Bosworth, simons , reitmans, aldo, adrène, version des pauvres, prendre l'avion

Here’s your shopping list:

Coat ~ Zara, 99,99$
Tunic ~ Simons, 29,99$
Legging  ~ Reitmans, 42$
Shoes  ~ Reitmans, 26,99$
Bag~ Aldo, 55$
Sunglasses ~ Ardene, 8,50$

What would you wear if you were about to hop on a flight?

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