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Every bride is the star of the wedding, only not every star manages to glow all day and all night long. In spite of being the most beautiful day in the lives of the lovebirds, weddings can be quite exhausting, even stressful. Brides, especially, are under a lot of pressure. Not only they have to go through tiring months-long planning and organizing, but they ought to look relaxed, flawless and radiant. Even when things go wrong, the bride is expected to act gracefully and still look enchanting. Keeping your calm and your million dollar smile when caterers and florists mess things up is only up to you. But, to ensure lasting glow, read on for some helpful tips that will make you look magnificent on your big day.

The gown

It all starts with the dress. The perfect wedding dress is the main concern of every future bride, and it can take months to find the right one. For some women, the wedding dress is almost an obsession dating back from childhood days when they used to daydream of marrying a prince. Envision your wedding dress and start searching for it at least six months before the wedding. Don’t settle for the ‘’close enough’’, because it won’t be enough. The right dress will make you feel fabulous. Once you have The Dress, everything else will easily fall into place.

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Shoes and accessory

Although important, these items fall into the group of ‘’everything else’’. It is because it is so easy to find the matching shoes and jewelry now that you have The Dress. Still, remember that these are just details that are supposed to bring out your beauty and grace, so do not go overboard. When choosing the right jewelry, opt for something elegant yet subtle that will complement your outfit but will not become the focal point of your overall appearance. Once you get shoes, practice walking and dancing for a few weeks before the wedding. If they seem too tight, wear them with socks to break them in.


Make sure to cut down level of stress at least month before the wedding. Do whatever relaxes you and makes you feel calm. Whether it is a regular visit to the spa, massage, swimming or long walks with your favorite music coming out of headphones, make that me-time and run away from everything that exhausts you. Although this may seem odd, rest assured that stress and fatigue will show on your face, regardless of how expensive your makeup artist is. One of the great beauty strategies is to include facial massage. Not only that it will relax you, but it will improve the blood flow, tone your face and ensure the radiant glow.

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Take care of your skin

Don’t wait for the weeks before the big day to start doing something about your skin. Consider your complexion and skin type, so start dealing with your skin condition at least six months before the wedding. A month before the big day should be about nurturing, hydrating and tightening treatments to make sure your skin is healthy and radiant. Also, don’t experiment with new skincare products since you don’t know how your skin will react.

Bridal makeup

Whether hiring a professional or not, makeup should help you become an enhanced version of yourself. Stick to a natural color palette and go for a natural look. Consider ‘’no-makeup’’ trend that works marvelously well for brides. It means accentuating all your facial features without excessive or aggressive makeup. Bring out the beauty of your eyes by increasing the length and volume of your eyelashes. Many Australian brides recognized the fabulous effect of gorgeous eyes, so extending lashes in Sydney became an inevitable part of a bridal beauty routine. Waterproof mascara, powder on a T-zone and setting spray will make sure you look fantastic for hours.

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Choose a hairstyle that will work well with the dress and overall atmosphere of your wedding. Meaning, a beach wedding or garden wedding call for a more comfortable style, while in formal ballroom weddings brides usually have an elegant and stylish up-do. Keep in mind that it is much harder to style clean and smooth hair then a second (or even third) day hair. Do not wash your hair on a big day and your hair stylist will be able to pull off a great hairdo that will last till tomorrow.


There are many ways to achieve the perfect look as well as many products that can make you shine on the outside. Still, know that the famous bridal glow comes from a completely different place. Inside is where it all happens. Your glow is your inner feeling of tremendous happiness and love for the man you are marrying.  


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