We all had that one favourite band as teenagers where we’d play its record regardless of our mood (I know I’m old). Happy, sad, upset, this music band always had a song for each feeling perfectly wrote for you. For me, The Beatles was that band. I know, I might’ve been born in 1987 and not in the 50s, yet I grew up listening to John, Paul, Georges and Ringo, knowing their lyrics by heart, collecting books about them and posters proudly hanging on my bedroom wall. I remember, back in my second year in high school, I glued pictures of the band in my agenda while the other kids would rather choose the  young pop stars. I believe The Beatles have a song for each moments of my life, whether the latter is a sad or happy one, there’s a tune that just instantly uplifts my mood.

I know, I know, I’m not the only one who loves The Beatles and I don’t want to start a contest of who’s the biggest Beatles’ fan but I love sharing this passion of mine, I find it useless to compare ourselves… yet, if ever there’s a question that comes to mind… I probably have the answer.

My love for the Fab Four record has also evolved: younger, I’d rather listen to the first singles that are rather falling under the category of pop music. Now as I grew older, I found a liking in late 60s music more than the early ones of the same decade. It was as if both the group music’s evolution and I evolved.

Here are few trivia facts:

  • Anyone who knows me will tell you my favourite song is Blackbird. I still remember the time I saw Paul McCartney live with my dad. When he performed it live, alone on stage, it brought me to tears.
  • I’m often asked who’s my favourite Beatles, there’s I’ve said it: Paul is.
  • I mourned Georges’ passing. I was in a hotel room during a swimming competition. I was broken.
  • Whenever I was feeling low as a teenager, I’d go out with my Discman and go for long walks whilst listening to Help! REALLY loud. It had this effect on me.

That said, I was asked to choose a t-shirt at Revolution’s exhibition presented at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and it comes as no surprise that I chose one with John and Yoko on it.

I’m wearing:

T-shirt – Musée des beaux-arts

Shorts – One Teaspoon

Watch – TIMEX

Photos – Andrée-Anne Joly

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