The 101 is a new column where I, Nadia Aubin, will try my best to shed light on the most basic or perhaps complex situations one might find themselves. I will give you some tips on what I think you should do or avoid at all costs. Before we dive in, it should be noted that I am by no means a health professional, and to be honest, these articles are as therapeutic for me as they might be for you. So here it goes…Let’s have a talk about Tinder, shall we?

This Tinder related article isn’t about you window-shopping your next Tinderdate. It’ll cover another way to Tinder I recently discovered: letting my guy friends manage my account and see where the wind takes me. This is perhaps not the best way to meet people -probably the worst to date- yet it is the most entertaining, since your whole crew is coming to the rescue (more like sabotaging my love life in this case, but we’ll get to that later). Here’s what you should expect when your buddies take over your Tinder account:


1. Don’t take it seriously

These guys won’t match you with Prince Charming. They only want to see how many matches they’ll get and how far the conversation will go. The whole process of seeing your guy friends who have been in long term relationships quickly becoming addicted to this app is rather peculiar but nonetheless oddly funny. Here’s some simple advice: sit back, have a beer and enjoy seeing their reactions whenever they match you with someone or when they start to message someone back and forth with crazy pickup lines you’d usually never use… it’s quite a spectacle.

2. Say goodbye to your phone

You wont see your phone again for a good portion of the night. I tried sneaking up on them to figure what they said and who they were messaging but no luck there. They were like two kids who didn’t want to put down their toys to go brush their teeth and get ready for bed: “Wait Nadia!!!! 5 more minutes!”


3. They’ll be more daring than you

As in levelling up on the slutiness. At one point I told my friend: “Do you realize you’re pretty much sexting another dude, I’d never say something like that, you’re out of your goddamn twisted mind”. They looked amused and not even weirded out for one second, but hey, they were pretty good at it, I must say.


4. Expect someone to show up

During that faithful evening, my buddies tried to take it up a notch by inviting ALL OF MY MATCHES to the bar we were at, saying how funny it would be if someone showed up. In their minds, each and every match would come sit at our table and act as if they were up for a job interview. Long story short, two of them showed up… they didn’t get the job.

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5. It might actually work out

A few months prior, we did the same exercise and the following day I started (yes me, not them) messaging one particular guy my buddy matched me with. But let’s be real, Tinderdates don’t last… but great effort on his part.


6. Ditch Tinder my love

Nothing beats meeting people the good old-fashioned way: you’re at a bar, go talk to people, make friends, flirt and enjoy yourself.

If you’ve ever had a similar experience, please, write a comment down below; I’m dying to see if my friends aren’t the only psychos who became addicted in matching their friends with total utter strangers.




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