A message of thanks for Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grand-mothers, and future mothers. To those who cherish children but whose plans do not include having children of their own. To the men who are both father and mother to their children; and to the women who, like Mother Teresa, open their arms wide to all children.

Thank you. Thank you for the sleepless nights you spent taking care of us. Thank you for your endless patience no matter how many evenings we ruined. Thank you for the hours you devoted to innumerable extra-curricular committees.

Thank you for picking us up at 3AM when we were out partying in our tweens. Thank you for never losing faith in us even when we had given up on ourselves. I want to apologise to the mothers we antagonized when we were teenagers. The mothers we ridiculed and cast aside all too often. The mothers we frequently neglected to call to say thank you. To the exhausted  mothers who slept with one eye open. I want to apologize for making you endure our talent-less shows, our out of town team tournaments, and especially for our Saturday morning activities.

I lift my hat to all of the imperfect mothers who blew a gasket when they were at their wit’s end. The mothers who forgot to do the laundry or change the baby’s nth diaper. I lift my hat to the mothers who wished we’d disappear, just for a few minutes, so that they could enjoy a hot bath in peace.

You have rocked us to sleep, cuddled us in your arms, made us laugh, and spoiled us without ever expecting anything in return. You are the best cooks, doctors, nurses, clowns, organizers and psychologists.

You’re the ones we call at all hours day and night. You’re the ones who wipe away our tears. You’re the first people we share our good news with. You know us better than we know ourselves. You are our friend, confidante and role-model. But beyond and above all else, you are the ones we are blessed to call Mom.

Ma maman c'est la meilleur, fête des mères, merci


Thank you for being you. You aren’t perfect moms but that’s perfectly fine with us.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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