Ah Thailand! A remarkable country that offers a splendid front door on Asia. I've never visited this continent and had the pleasure of going for 3 weeks with my boyfriend during the month of December. A wonderful trip it was. Truly! 3 weeks of pure happiness that never ceased to amaze me. I promised you a series of articles of my journey, so today we're kicking off with the first one with an itinerary. I think for many, before your departure, choosing your itinerary means the heart of the matter and you're then asking a tons of questions: where do I go? How will I get there? What do I wish to see? When? etc. Here's then my itinerary that Marc and I have planned beforehand in order to maximize our 3 weeks spent in paradise!

3 weeks in Thailand are more than sufficient to see a great deal of the country. In my opinion, 3 options await you: 

-Visit the big historical cities and the north for temples lovers

– Travel to the islands from East to West 

– Travel from north to south

We chose the third option since I wanted to see all different things and truly understand the county. This option, however, is intense. You won't sleep much at the same place and will have to board several planes and night trains. You need to be ready to travel a lot from point A to B, but believe me, it's worth it. 

*Throughout the next coming weeks, I will write about each visited locations, so stay tuned!

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Northern Thailand: Cultur and fresh air

Bangkok – 3 days

We started our journey in Bangkok in order to discover Khao San Road, the royal palace and temples located in the city. It's crazy to see the difference between the old neighborhoods and the modern ones accompanied with humongous shopping malls and the skytrain that allows to travel within the capital. 

Chiang Mai – 3 days

You could head towards Chiang Mai in several ways. I strongly suggest you in option for a night train or flying there. Chiang Mai is a vibrant city with its night market, its young side and countless of outdoor activities! It's where I suggest you in doing trekkings in the jungle (I shall write about the latter in an upcoming article). It's also a city that's inhabited by  amazing temples where it's possible to speak to monks in order to understand their reality.

 Pai – 2 days

From Chiang Mai, there are several ways to commute there. The most popular option is without a doubt taking the bus, however, the trips counts more than 700 curves sliding in the mountains and obviously sitting in the bus will shadow the remarkable landscapes. That say, I would tell you instead to opt for a motorcycle if you know how to ride one since the experience is truly amazedballs. Pai is a bohemian city where life is enjoyable. It's where you discover the several waterfalls, Pai's canyon and those famous hot springs.

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Chiang Mai – 1 day

In order to catch your flight and head towards southern Thailand, you must head back to Chiang Mai first. Since this is a vibrant city as mentioned above, you won't get bored if ever you stay an extra day. 

Phuket – 1 day

I'd suggest you in booking your flight to Phuket early in the morning in order to quickly visit the city by taking a ferry to Koh Phi Phi to then see the islands…

Southern Thailand: Beaches, islands and parties


Koh Phi Phi – 4 days

Yes Koh Phi Phi is a party island, yes it's filled with tourists, yes it's a cat island, but oh god did we have fun. Koh Phi Phi is simply marvellous. I strongly suggest you in renting a kayak, head to Monkey Beach, see Maya Bay and head to View Point. 

Railay – 3 days

In order to make the trip, you need to hop on a ferry to Krabi, then a bus to Ao Nang to then take another small boat. Railay isn't an island but kinda. You can only make it by the sea since there are no cars. The main beach is one of the beautiful ones in the entire world. It's a paraside for  those who love climbing and adventure savvy.

Koh Tao – 3 days

To get there, we leave Railay by boat to Ao Nammao, then take a bus towards Surat Thani from which we take a night ferry to Koh Tao. Long trip you say? Indeed. We leave Railay towards 2pm to arrive a 6am the following morning but oh well. Koh Tao is the paradise for those who love to scuba dive and perfect way to end our trip to Thailand! 

Return to Bangkok – 1 day

Since we have to head back to the Homeland, we headed back to Bangkok! 

How's that for an itinerary? 

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