A while ago I made the big decision of getting a tattoo that covered my whole arm. I highlight BIG decision, because even though our society in 2017 is open minded, there will always be hushed toned conversations about this form of art.

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I really thought about it …

I accepted the fact that some doors would be closed to me, because of the ink on my skin. However, would I really want to follow those who would close those doors to me because of my physique anyway? Well, no. Everyone has their own values. It is non-negotiable for me, freedom of choice is essential. I wish to surround myself with people who also see life this way.

That being said, this is still a decision that must be made with careful consideration. We should not minimize the fact that we will still be wearing this art 6 feet underground. This is why I took the time necessary to find the style I wanted for my project and picking an artist I trusted with my project.

tatouage, bras, décision, changement, nouveauté, risque

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An Emotional Rollercoaster

Stepping out of my first tattoo session, I was fully satisfied by the work completed by my tattoo artist. In just a few hours, my forearm was almost completely covered and the result was incredible! While crossing the street between the tattoo shop and my car I heard someone calling out to me: “Ma’am?”

I turned around to notice a man in his 50s. He asked me which artist at the shop had I done business with. I answered him with a smile and a bit of surprise in my voice. Even though my parents have tattoos, I am not used to people of that age having any interest in the drawings I am wearing. I was also touched that this man was interested in the art created by the artists in his neighbourhood.

It’s when I turned around to walk away, that he decided to ruin any semblance of joy I had. Without any warning, he asks me snidely: “What do you wanna do with your life ma’am?”

tatouage, bras, décision, changement, nouveauté, risque

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The Shock

Insulted is the word. I didn’t even turn around. His arrogant tone made my blood boil. And what about his voice resonating in my head? I’m completely aware that tattoos aren’t unanimously loved. But this man could have kept his thoughts to himself and let me continue on my way without ruining my mood. It’s a good thing some people know how to hold themselves back, because I only had one desire and it was to tell him: “minding my own business is what I do!”

I don’t think I’m superior to others, smarter, prettier, or more talented. But, if you could allow me to give you one piece of advice… Don’t worry about people who do not matter, ignore them. If we stop worrying about every person that judges us, we will never be happy. Life is always full of obstacles. Let’s put our energy where it actually matters.

Today, I am still astounded by the amazing details in the art work on my body

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