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Not all fall/winter trends are made for Canada!  Lucky for them other places in the world have a warmer climate than we do, and can enjoy a cute leather jacket through the whole winter.  For that reason, fashion is in everybody else’s hands but ours (Canada).  Sometimes we just need to think about keeping warm, scratch that…I’d rather be cold but fashionable (you’ll say it’s stupid but whatever, fashion over everything, right?). This week I woke up one morning and winter was here. I was in shock because nobody can get used to this type of cold.  I was born here and have been through 24 winters, and each one of them still feel like the first one.  There are numerous ways to stay warm and fashionable and that’s why I am here to help you trick fashion to fight the cold.


Okay, there are a lot of negative connotations attached to fur.  And I am not here to encourage the fur industry.  As you all know, I am a big thrift shopper. Thrifting is like recycling because we are giving a second life to an object or a piece of clothing that was once used by another individual.  The current fur industry is not what I am here to discuss and I don’t know enough about it to make a judgement.  So keep in mind my whole opinion here is based on recycled fur.  That being said, fur is something that has been used for centuries to keep humans warm in North America.  I have a few fur coats myself from my grandmother.  I have also bought a fur collar to add to my regular coats which was recycled and cut off from a vintage jacket.  Fur accessories keep me warm and look fabulous.  The reutilising fur technic has been done for years.  I remember finding a fur jacket in my parents’ attic in which my grandmother had cut out pieces to make mittens.  This can be done by anybody, and often you can find old fur jackets for cheap at places like Value Village.  I know some of them aren’t trendy looking anymore but with a little imagination you can do something fabulous out of that old fur.  Make those furry animals proud by putting their fur to use.  On that note this is my favourite way to keep warm in the winter.



We all know it’s important to wear many layers in the winter because if we get warm we can peel one off.  The blanket scarf is my favourite option when it comes to layering.   Feeling cozy is the number one key.  I love wearing a small cute leather jacket and adding a huge blanket scarf over it.  It’s fashionable and yet warm.

Natural Materials

When choosing warm clothing the number one thing you should check is what type of material the piece of clothing is made out of.  Synthetic materials don’t breathe because they are man-made which means they aren’t natural.  Basic materials such as cotton, down and wool make quality textiles.  They keep warm because the material is able to breathe compared to a synthetic piece of clothing which will make you sweat when even cold.  Sweat makes us colder because the body is damp in a frigid  environment.  All this is very basic but trust me, materials matter.

These three tricks should help you figure out how to keep warm in this frigid winter weather.  If you don’t want to fight the winter cold just stay inside and hibernate next to the fireplace (I might even do that for a few days myself)!

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