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I know, I'm writing about swimsuits during the middle of winter and even worst, right after a mild snow storm. Weird, eh? Well, not that much. See, I'm leaving on vacation to Nicaragua with friends and I wanted to buy new bathing suits… just because. I mean, it's standard to say, us girls have an impressive collection where it's almost a disease -ask my bofriend, he doesn't even understand why I have so many- That say, I browsed on Bikini Village's website offers many brands and numerous models in one place. You can find bikini treasures! During the upcoming weeks, I'll post a few looks from my Bikini Village's adventureds.

As for today's look, I'm wearing a Vitamin A bathing suit which I've found on Bikini Village's website. It has been a while I was on the hunt of a swimsuit with straps that reminds me of a bras, I didn't the latter to be a halter top. I find it better that way and easier for a tanning session. I always wanted to get one that would have some space in between the girls. Having a small bra size, I don't want my girl all smacked on one another. And I know, it may be scary to buy online. We always say: and if it doesn't fit? Well it happens to the best of us unfortunatly. However, here's my tip: look at the size chart, it saves lives. Every website or brands have their own different size charts meaning the pieces won't fit the same. Once I know my size from a so-say brand, I note it somewhere. I know it sounds intense, but it's the best way to remember!

_MG_7209 _MG_7204 _MG_7211

On the Lookbook section, you can discover the main brands or current ones in an innovative way. Indeed, each brands are presented with mood boards in order to inspire us during our online shopping session. In fact, it truly helps when you know which brand you love most at first. It's a great way to discover new brands.

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_MG_7201I'm wearing:

Swimsuit – Vitamin A from Bikini Village

Kimono – Kimono Beach

Necklace – Maksym

Location – Strom Spa

Photographer – Eva Maude TC from La Ruche Blanche

_MG_7191 _MG_7195

* This article is sponsored by Bikini Village

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