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Last week, I had the opportunity to represent The Booklet for the first time (I was so excited!) I attended One of a Kind Toronto Show 2015 on behalf of the blog. What was it about then? This show/sale  broadcasted over 800 amazing Canadian artisans while accompanied by a marvelous breakfast created by ambassador Chef Cory Vitiello of The Harbord Room, THR&CO. and Flock (it was oh so delicious).  The artisans were divided in many categories such as Fashion, Flavours, Visual arts, Green and Rising Stars.   I was impressed with all the artistic talent we have in Canada, when I say artistic it includes all aspects of this show because it does take an artistic intake to create maple syrup mustard (oh yes, I've tried it). Today I could write a very long article on all the great things I saw and tasted, but since I am obsessed with fashion, I decided to focus on that field.  

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Where should I start. I met an incredible and talented young lady -you should see her creations, they were to die for- who studied in Mexico and learned how to make jewelry.  Oh yes, because I forgot to mention I will continue this article by sharing about the lovely “bling” I’ve encountered at the One of a Kind show.  If you are looking for a symmetrical piece of art to compliment your christmas outfit go visit White Feather Designs's website. The second jewellery exposition that caught my eye was Green Bijou. This lovely lady won my heart with her concept and obviously her work.  She owns a "Green" boutique meaning an eco-friendly business.  Her environmental concept consists of recycling vintage jewellery and making new pieces.  Her pieces are very trendy. 

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Now that I’ve  covered my favourite jewelry stands, I will continue with the clothing designers that intrigued me the most.  These two sisters had the cutest set up and cutest story.  They started their clothing boutique project when they were both living in Ontario, one of them ended up moving to South Africa with her husband.  They both decided they had to continue designing their fairytale (their clothing was so gentle and feminine, it made me think of fairies) creations.  Their boutique is called Karoo which is a city located in South Africa.  Some of their clothing is made with original African material. 

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Last but not least, I met this couple who had the most beautiful fur boutique.  Okay, i'm a cat lady and I simply love wearing fur, I feel like I am carrying my cat with me.  But at the same time I don't encourage the killing of animals over fur fashion.  That is why I fell in love with this concept.  This couple used vintage fur coats to make fur accessories such as scarves, collars, gloves, purses, vests, etc. Nowadays, not a lot of people wear a full fur coat so this is a way to recycle and put this fur to use. 

If found that my first visit as part of The Booklet's media team was most certainly enlightening and I'm proud of attending an event such as One of a Kind who promotes and celebrates Toronto's creators and designers. 

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