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I once saw on this TV show, or should I say talk show, that it wasn’t good for your hair to always use the same products.  They were encouraging people to switch their washing habits around when it comes to shampooing.  Example: never apply the shampoo on the same spot of your scalp.  I found it interesting since I never buy the same hair products just because I love switching things around, whether for the smell or sometimes just that soft feeling that I don’t get after washing my hair anymore.  Well this time maybe I won’t want to switch it up again since I did find my soulmate hair product smell and I absolutely love the texture it left my hair with after simply one wash.  I know, I know I’m keeping you guessing here and still haven’t said a word of what product I have been using.  

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So, let’s start over. This week I had the chance to represent the Booklet at a Garnier Fructis Canada event.  The most recent memory I had of these products were me using them as a kid.  My mom used to buy these shampoos and all I could remember was how good they smelled and that they came in green bottles.  I had, and still have extremely dry curly hair (I know, it’s hard to believe since I straighten it every day). Overall Garnier Fructis decided to revamp, to make a new image for themselves, to attract a different clientele.  Don’t worry the products still smell as fruity as you remember.  Nowadays, I feel like we understand hair better, and we know what products should be used on our precious scalp.  That being said, most of us don’t just check the ingredients on the cracker box, we check the ingredients of every product used on our body.  We also or at least I also love to encourage businesses with the same ecological views as me.  Garnier didn’t only change their image, they changed the whole marketing behind their products and it is brilliant. 

The packaging.  They say don’t judge a book by its cover, well who doesn’t? I know I do!  Every line of their products is associated to a different colour.  For example; I choose the “Moisture Lock” line of their new revamped collection. The moisture lock line is colour coded with blue, but not just any boring blue… a metallic royal blue.  When shopping in the store this colour code makes it way easier to find all the products you would need.  The packaging is also user friendly, it states clearly on the bottle that it is “Paraben Free”, I like that since usually I go through the whole ingredient list at the back of the bottle to find out if there is or isn’t paraben ( did I mention it is usually written in ant size).  For those of you who don’t know, paraben is a preservative widely found in our cosmetics!

Vegan.  These products are vegan, how cool?  Knowing that I am not using any animal derived ingredients or byproducts on my hair is reassuring.  We honestly never know what is used to make our beloved hair products.  I love the fact that again I don’t have to worry about anything being hidden from me.  Sometimes I read the ingredient list and I have no clue what certain things are, who knows, maybe they are animal derived ingredients. Why use them if you don’t need them? Oh, yah and I am no vegan by any means, but I don’t think we should use animal ingredients when it isn’t necessary.  

Recyclable. Last but not least. The bottles are made of recyclable PET plastic with 50% post-consumer recycled waste.  Don’t you like a company with good ecological views? I know it definitely pushes me to encourage them.  

On this note I didn’t need anybody selling me on these products because the product speaks for itself.  After just one wash using the moisture lock line my hair felt smooth and ready for the outside world.  Why don’t you give the new Fructis a try?!

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