I noticed how nowadays many identify themselves to traveling in order to discover and have a certain introspection of oneself. I admit I'm one of those, who is glued to social medias, looking at my friends or acquaintances on Facebook or Instagram who are currently traveling. Not a boring trip, but crazy trips, completely insane trips such as having your picture taken in a waterfall in Thailand, atop a mountain covered in snow in Iceland or in Nicaragua, in the Morrocco desert or by the beach in New Zealand. 

For me, those pictures series posted on social medias and the month of July isn't a simple coincidence. There's a logical explanation and link that was made in my head. That link automatically brings me to feel a summer blues. Yeah, those summer blues or nostalgia truly exist. Who never experienced one of those, if you're staying in Montreal all summer long, you'll for sure feel nostalgic at some point reminiscing about your past summers. Melancholic moments will appear if you work all summer long. A little disappointed as well from not have been able to  travel during the hot season… You sometimes feel lonely, you want to see your friends, but with bad luck, you can't because your entire group is working. Those little blues will make you waste your time over pictures illustrating the life of others. That nostalgia where you feel your inside completely empty, a feeling of accomplishment that has not yet been fulfilled. Those blues will push you to ask yourself questions on how you're currently feeling, your expectations, your dreams, ambitions, challenges, desires, troubles, frustrations and the list goes on…

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That little blues will bring you to ask yourself: where you are in life. "Am I on the right path?" Is this blues is synonym of boredom? I don't think so. That blues also pushes you to also question yourself about what you want in life and what makes you happy. It's summer and as soon as we know it, you'll have time to feel that nostalgia moment pretty shortly… 

Regardless, I understood that throughout those blues (yes, I'm human too) that people who travel all summer long and those who stay in their hometown to travel all go through the same existential pursuit. It's not because your friend has gone to Asia and learn about Buddhism for two months that she has more chances to feel emancipated than you, who have stayed behind in Montreal to work at an ice cream parlor. Regardless of the location where you are as of now, the person inside you is the one in charge to change or not. If you have the motivate and you take time to listen to your feelings, ambitions or your desires… you have the power to make a change. Exoticism is largely popular on social medias nowadays which is why a picture is worth a thousand words, but is the person currently traveling is doing it for her and not for other people to see? That is the question. 

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It's at that moment that you have to understand that even if you're currently not on the other side of the pond, that you're here, bored at the dry clean store where you work, lost in your own thoughts asking yourself: if your study program at Uni is truly your choice or your parents', if you should end your relationship or if you feel the need to rekindle an old passion such as taking piano lesson. At least here, if you take the time to listen to your own thoughts, you could seriously become happier in an instant. 

Those summer blues are not to be underestimated or avoided. Indeed, being confronted to oneself, being lonely and to ask yourself countless of questions can lead to a less glorious summer day, even a tad dark or melodramatic, but this could be essential if you wish to truly be happy in life. 

Take the time to truly take time for yourself, without anything superficial, at home, during a great summer night with a glass of wine in one hand, is also a great way to have a introspection on oneself. 

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