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Confession time: I'm absolutely and completely obsessed with my hair. For as long as I can remember, no one has been allowed to touch it except for my hairdresser and I (nope, not even my dear mommy). I would spend hours experimenting with them and trying to perfect different hairdos because I wanted them to be perfect at all times. I recently came to the conclusion that, in order to get great results with your hair, you don't need to invest in high end products. I would even go as far as to say that some of the ones you’ll find in pharmacies are comparable (and in certain cases superior) to the luxuriously expensive ones. Since I'm now officially addicted to hair products, you can only imagine just how excited I was when the opportunity to try out the new line of French Formula hair styling products came along!

FF Old school

The old line.

French Formula event

The new line!

I'll say I was pleasantly surprised by how good these products are! The new packaging is super chic, the products perform very nicely and smell good, and one of them quickly became a staple in my hair styling routine. So, without any further ado, here is what I think of the new French Formula styling products:

Flexible Hold Hairspray

French formula flexible hold

I use this product all the time now whenever I want to let my hair down put keep some extra volume throughout the day (which is so hard to do with my fine hair : they’re usually deflated by early afternoon). I’ve used this product many times in the morning (along with their dry shampoo) and when the evening came around, my hair was still holding up (say whaaaat)! I was also able to run my fingers through my strands (which is usually very hard to do with hairsprays). The product also contains active ingredients such as caffeine, ginseng and Goji berries which will fortify your hair.

Firm Hold Hairspray

French formula firm hold

When they say “firm hold”, they are not kidding. Just to give you an idea, I decided to give myself a voluminous ponytail one morning, when I came back at night, I worked out with it and it held up (I mean, that’s crazy)! The product was also very easy to wash out in the shower which is definitely a plus. Just like the Flexible Hold Hairspray, this one contains ingredients that will fortify your hair while keeping it in place. Both of these products also provide your hairdo with a sun protection which is super important with summer right around the corner (because our hair, just like our skin, can get damaged by sun rays. These rays can also make colored hair fade much faster.)

3 in 1 Texturizing Dry Shampoo

French Formula Dry Shampoo

Here is the new staple in my collection of hair styling products! Why this one? Let me tell you: I have very dark fine hair, so finding a texturizing dry shampoo (with lasting volume) that leaves no white residue has proven to be quite the challenge! But this ones meets my every need! Hold on now, if you’re looking for a dry shampoo that simply cleans your hair and freshens up your look, than this one might not be the best. But, if you want one that gives texture, and volume for that extra va-va-voom, this is the one (I can’t live without it)!

Coconut Shine Spray

French formula shine spray

Dry shampoo in general tends to leave hair with a matte finish which is why I like to wrap up my hair styling routine with a boost of shine! I love the fact that this one contains coconut oil (super nourishing for your locks) and comes in a spray format (which makes the application convenient for any hairdo)! Little bonus: it was also formulated to be used on your body!

So? Which one would you like to try?

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