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Are there days where you wish you could just play dress up? Well, I have those days all the time.  My version of a dress-up day mostly consists of being fashionable while doing nothing, absolutely nothing. Is there anything wrong with being fashionable for yourself while sipping coffee on the balcony, or simply while binge watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns?  If somebody has a problem with that, well I guess they’re too cool for this article.

So, this week I had one of those days and it felt amazing. I received an amazing package from Folk Fortune. Folk Fortune is a Canadian brand based out of Vancouver.  They specialize in straw accessories.  I actually came across this brand when I noticed their slip-ons being worn by an stranger in the street and I commented on how original her shoes were. She then told me how she got them from this Vancouver designer.  Obviously as a shopaholic my first thought was to follow this brand on Instagram.  By the time my package made it home, the weather was a tad too cold to rock my pompom slip-ons outside. Hence why I decided to dress up for myself.  These beauties can be worn as slippers but they are way too cute to be described as such. This is how I ended up having a dress-up day! I enjoyed the nice weather and sat outside with my straw slip ons and a coffee, while, of course, my boyfriend snapped a few shots of this perfect scene.

Straw accessories

I also want to point out that no fashion accessories are strictly for one season. Let’s be logical though, I am not saying to wear sandals and slip-ons in the snow, but there shouldn’t be summer purses and winter bags.  It should be how you put everything together that determines if it’s working or not! On this note: straw bags shouldn’t be reserved to summer and are still trendy this fall.  I did take a few shots including the lovely straw satchel from Folk Fortune and you aren’t done seeing it. This bag lightens the look of a rough and heavy fall/winter attire and will be perfect to compliment a wool coat.

Last but not least, I want to share how important it is to encourage locally made goods.  When I say locally, I don’t just mean Toronto, I mean Canadian made or even North American made.  We often look at prices and decide to buy inferior quality because of the affordability and end up encouraging a market that isn’t always ethical.  At the end of the day, I think it is very important to spend our money wisely at some local designers’ shops or even websites like Etsy.  That is why I have been trying to share new designers here and there.  Hopefully you can fall in love as much as I did with our local fashion.

On that note, I know Christmas is just around the corner and I think hitting the Toronto markets is the best way to find original gifts.  Here are a couple of markets that shouldn’t be missed this season: One of a kind show Nov 23- Dec 03, Toronto Christmas Market Nov16- Dec 23.

Straw accessories

Slip-ons & bag by: Folk Fortune

Picture by: Tom Morrison

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