Have you heard that I became a brand ambassador for Nescafé’s latest product? Indeed I am! I’m a brand ambassador for the Dolce Gusto coffee machine which works with capsules. For a month now, we’ve been using this machine and we are in love! Also note that we’re pretty amateurish in terms of coffee at the office. As for me, the first thing I do once I arrived is pour myself some coffee, I like it black, simple as that. I love coffee, I couldn’t live without the latter, I need it to start the day. In fact, during my road trip in California last summer, the first thing we’d do, my boyfriend and I, was to find a place to enjoy a cup of coffee. Without it, I’m not the most pleasant human being until I get a sip of my hot black coffee. This caffeine dose helps me start the day on the right foot and I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one sharing that mindset. In fact, I’m sure of it since Virginie is the same… I witnessed her shifted personas during our trip to New York City last December.

My favorite among Dolce Gusto’s capsules I was able to try: espresso… obviously.

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#CafeDolceGusto is inevitably fast and simple to use… I’m at times (alright, most of the time) late and in dying needs of a great coffee to-go and my Dolce Gusto machine, the Genio2 allows me to prepare an excellent black expresso, quickly, in order for me to drink it while I’m on my way for meetings! For my colleagues, which aren’t black coffee enthusiasts as myself, they Dolce Gusto offers more “out of the box and delicious” choices such as a caramel macchiato latte. What you need to know is upon receiving the machine, you get the coffee capsules but also some milk capsules in order to froth milk while your coffee is brewing. We tried the machine many times and each prepared coffees found a happy customers at the office. One of the favorites for us was the Carmello coffee recipe which came with the package upon receiving the machine. Psst! We have a promo code just for you to get 10% off your next purchase. The code is dolcegusto15. The machine and pods are available at Metro, IGA and online at

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