I used to have several printed trousers throughout the last few years (throwback 2014 at the end of this article, omg how time flies and jeez, my hair was pretty long back in the day) and the comments I often received were: "Wow they look amazing on you, I wish I'd be confident enough to wear something like this". Well, if that's your mindset, I wish to tell you that on the contrary, if you love the look, you love the fit and wish to wear it, you're very capable of doing so. 

It's rather a simple task, put them on and wear them with confidence. There aren't any secret in terms of fashion rule, confidence is key. That's it. We read on styling tips, what we could do to enhance our silhouette, wear a garment that will emphasize or hide a certain area, tricks to draw the attention to our upper body, but in the end, they're worthless if you don't wear your outfit with total confidence. Every women should be entitled and able to wear whatever her heart desires, no exception. This would be so much easier if one thinks that way. It's in fact a tip I should be telling myself more often. In truth, it's been a lifetime's work for me to discard myself from what other people might think of me (or perhaps the idea of what I thought people were thinking of me). 

Let's go back to the outfit now: the printed trousers. In fact, I was invited to discover the latest spring/summer collection from local brand I <3 Tyler Madison (also activist for the well-being of animals). Before going, I had the chance of choosing an item and I have to say that I hesitated for a moment, but I finally ended up choosing these white floral pants. I wasn't too sure at first since I find it hard to wear white pants with confidence. The other argument I had in my resilience was that often, white trousers are quite see-through, meaning you're showing off your underwear to the entire world. I have to say that these particular ones are pretty opaque but I won't dare in wearing a fuschia pair of undies and will rather opt for a nude one in order to avoid any kinds of regretful incidents. The trick here is to wear this garment with great taste, it all resides with moderation such as pairing the latter with a neutral colored top. In this case, I love the monochrome effect of wearing a white blouse and finished the look with masculine shoes. 

2017 Spring version:

pantalon imprimé pantalon imprimé

I'm wearing:
Blouse: Winners
Trousers: I <3 Tyler Madison
Necklace: Happiness Boutique
Sneakers: Winners
MUA: Ann-Frédérique Tremblay 
Photos: Delphine N Photographie
Location: Hôtel Le Crystal

pantalon imprimé pantalon i love tyler madison

2014 spring version:

Photo: Laurie-Anne Thuot

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