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In my previous article about the upcoming spring/summer trends, I wrote about embroidered details which remind us of the 90s. Well… did you know that this trend actually is everywhere… footwear included! Yes! I then decided to treat myself while online shopping by finding the best and funkiest footwear. Who knows… Maybe this will also inspire you. And if you don't love that style, I mean, fret not… other styles will be major this upcoming summer. Til then, let us just daydream about the hot season. Ok, I'll admit, they're not ALL embroidered but I thought some with a tapestry inspired style might still do the job. So here goes: 


1.  Bura Flower Tapestry sandals from L'Intervalle 

It's not the first time L'intervalle incorporates this trend through its collection. I particularly love the colours that will draw attention and the shape of the shoes with the lace detail at the ankle (an other trend which we'll see more and more). The heel itself isn't excessively high, yet remains comfortable and for those of you who can't stand walking in heels, the same print is available on flat shoes from the same boutique. 

souliers funky, tapisserie, broderie, tendance été 2017

2. Floral wedges from Zara 

Here as you can see, the embroidery isn't as "out there" as the other models and looks more delicate. I love anything with denim on it (I see the latter pretty much everywhere nowadays) and those little flowers make it summery af. Careful though, these are for the ladies who can stand walking in heels for several hours since the latter is pretty damn high. Personally, I would be able to wear them for max 30 minutes… BUT it doesn't mean I can't look at them and not drool. These look like they were straight out from the 70s with that hippy vibe. Love it. 

souliers funky, tapisserie, broderie, tendance été 2017

3. Lava two-part platform sandals from Topshop 

Because tropical flowers just say SUMMER and these ones are way easier to pair since they're not as colourful as the two previous ones. They will still make some heads turn but not as much. Side note: love the jeans' bottoms with the slight torn effect. 

souliers funky, tapisserie, broderie, tendance été 2017

4.  Yaessi slippers from ALDO 

I love mules even though my feet are unfortunately (or not) too narrow for most of the mules that have crossed my path. Those still have that 70s vibe and I would picture them with round sunglasses… just a matter of looking like Janis Joplin no less. Once again, a hem-free denim is a must with these types of sandals and I personally dig the look.


souliers funky, tapisserie, broderie, tendance été 2017

Are you convinced now?

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