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We're right in the middle of winter, there's snow everywhere and you're probably not in the mood to start looking for any spring clothes or wear sandals, and you know what, I totally understand. I can't wait for the momentw here dressing myself will at last become simpler, when I'll only need one of two things and won't have to cover my hands nor wearing a beanie. I love interseason clothes, I love layering, but most importantly, I love spring's simplicity where you can easily wear a vest over a cocktail dress. We should all own one of these, it's easy to wear and fits pretty much all body types. You can wear the latter as a everyday occasion dress by pairing the dress with flats or sneakers and if your heart desires, simply wear heels like I did for today. 

I love its plunging neckline that allows to see a bit of boob action without falling into the obvious, also, the pleated detail at the chest enhances my curves meaning since I don't have a broad chest, that pleated detail will trick the eye by appearing my bra size a tad larger. Perfect, am I right? Also if your dress is made is a very light fabric like today's featured item, your dress will follow you all throughout summer. 

For those who are wonderwomen, meaning a modern woman who hits the gym in the morning, works 9 to 5, heads to happy hour then head to the gym if you skipped it in the morning, date night with your man or girlfriends, etc. A dress like this one is easy to throw on and will be able to keep up with our hectic lifestyle. What I love above all: clothes that aren't too difficult to wash and that can be worn with jeans by also remaining comfortable. 


I'm wearing:

Dress: Boutique Onze

Shoes: Browns

Necklace: Corail blanc

Bag: Ecco

MUA: Virginie Rabanales

Stylist: Agence de style Chienne à Jacques

Photos by: Andrée-Anne Joly

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