Rejoice, spring is finally here, and so are the new trends. There has been plenty of buzz about style and fashion trends, but it’s also time to spring-ify our skin and adopt some new makeup trends. Spring is the time of awakening and blossoming, and your skin deserves to blossom as well, so let’s see what’s new on the beauty block so that you can step up your game, shed the winter skin and welcome the new season the way your skin deserves.

Nothing beats a good cleanse

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It’s time to put those heavier and oilier cleansers on hold, and shake things up in a season-appropriate way. Now, a good cleanser is not where you want to be frugal, only A-list ones will do. A thorough cleanse ensures you get that squeaky clean skin that allows all other products to do their work. Of course, when picking out ‘the one’, always mind your skin type and choose accordingly. There are amazing products for all skin types, so your job is to decide which one fits the bathroom cabinet (and your face) best. Toner is an optional following step, but if you feel like your skin is normal and doesn’t require one, you can skip it.

Let’s see what the 411 on makeup is

Makeup gurus are torn between the new ranges of full-coverage foundations and sheer, luminous ones. However, the word on the runways is that, with emphasis being placed on good skincare, there is no need to hide behind heavy foundations at all. You can opt for a BB cream or a light foundation, and when you’re having a particularly good skin day, just resort to your best concealer and call it a day. Now, in regards to the eyes, lashes have become insanely popular, and who could blame the trend – great lashes make the eyes pop, rendering anything else virtually unnecessary, so you might want to consider eyelash extensions or simple, natural-looking falsies. Pop a bit of eyeliner on (made popular again by Tom Ford) and you’re almost ready to get out the door.

Shed it off

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Winter has not been our friend. The harsh weather, the heavy makeup, external pollutants – it all takes a toll on our skin. This is why a diligent approach to scrubbing and exfoliating is a highly important first step. You want to cleanse thoroughly (two to three times a week) so that you unclog those pores, shed dead skin cells and reveal that radiant skin that’s hiding under. We’ve heard great things about L’Oreal’s new line of scrubs. There are three, each catering to different needs, concerns and skin types. The word is that they’re affordable and effective, so why not give them a try?

A little goes a long way

Flushed cheeks are back in style, so if your blush collection is looking a little ‘meh’, it’s time to spruce it up with some new goodies. Cream and stick blushes are insanely popular these days, especially the ones by Fenty Beauty, as they give you just the right amount of colour and the cream formula looks incredibly natural and radiant on the skin. Our favourite is Yacht Lyfe, but feel free to find your go-to stick.

The one to beat

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Some of the most raved about products this season have been serums, which, thanks to a high concentration of active ingredients, are here to make our skin better than it has ever been. Their formula is light, which allows the skin to absorb all the antioxidants and other anti-aging, nourishing ingredients easily, so if you haven’t been introduced to serums yet, it’s high time to start this friendship.

The eyes

As said, a little volume in the lash department and some eyeliner goes a long way, but if you want to pop this spring, take a bold route with the type of creamy blue shadows that will give you the buzzed about mermaid vibes. If not, neutral hues are always a classic, so if you’re not into experimentation with eclectic colour, at least try the latest from Milan and channel your inner Bella with a bit of pearly white shimmer on the lids and inner corners. It’s a look that’s simple to achieve and gives you that ‘good night’s sleep’ fresh and awake look.

Lock it down

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As amazing and beneficial as serums are, they’re most powerful when followed by a nourishing moisturizer that creates a barrier between the skin and the external pollutants. Spring calls for something light that will give you that natural radiance without feeling heavy, and the incredibly nourishing Immortelle Divine Cream by L’occitane fits the bill. It gives you the glow you’ve always wanted, and thanks to its powerful natural ingredients, it also fights signs of aging. Bonus tip – it’s never too early to start applying eye cream, so hop on it.

Finally, the hair

Unless you’re heading to Coachella, you might want to put an end to pastel hair and stick with classics such as shades of brown enriched with sun-kissed highlights. As far as cuts go, all bets are off, so you are free to chop and create an edgy pixie if you’re feeling bold, go for the very stylish bob if you’re feeling less bold, or stick to Gigi Hadid’s and Blake Lively’s ever-seductive California-vibe long strands.

All about the lips

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According to the runways, nude, well-scrubbed lips graced with nothing but a sheer gloss or balm will be dominating the season. However, there have been some conspicuously red lips on this season’s runways, so if red is your go-to, by all means, continue as you were.

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