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Are you getting married this summer? Have you ever thought of adding a spray tan to your beauty routine? I was one of those who was skeptical at first. Now I'm reassured all thanks to Alexia Baillargeon, with whom I experienced my very first spray tan at home. Careful: trying it is loving it. 

First and foremost, there are a few myths that we need to talk about. No, your skin won't turn orange! Whether you have a light or dark skin complexion you can easily get a spray tan. Then, your tan won't fade in the shower, it is made to last for at least a week, since it is the natural rate at which our skin regenerates. In fact, it's an efficient solution  to have a beautiful tan without the harmful effects of sun exposure or tan booth.

Alexia comes to your home, so the experience is more than comfortable. Barely 5 minutes after her arrival, everything was ready for application. In order to avoid a mess, Alexia installs a portable tent and you're all set!


As she applies the spray tan, you can stay in your underwear, or not, depending on the result you want to achieve. You can shower about 8 hours after application. It's after your shower that you'll truly see the end result. Don't forget to wash thoroughly and exfoliate your skin before the spray tan. Staying hydrated is also essential in order to obtain a great end result. 

If you wish to get a spray tan prior to your wedding, it is important to do a few tests beforehand. That way, you'll see if you like the result such as a particular shade and that way you'll avoid an anxiety attack from a unwanted and last-minute mistake. When you'll get your spray tan before your big day, make sure you do it 2-3 prior to the wedding. 

Personally, I found the result to be natural looking, there's a golden shade that will illuminate your skin complexion. You could see below the tan line of my before and after getting a spray tan. 


IMG_4256 copie

And if you don't have a wedding coming up, spray tan can be a great option if you're attending a special occasion or simply to make your friends believe you've spent 4 days in Miami. Here's my before/after shot. 

IMG_4159 copie

IMG_4263 copie

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