Ah, sports bras! A lot of women get a headache just thinking about them. We want sports bras to give us the support we need without squeezing us to the point where it hurts. We need sports bras to prevent the girls from bouncing around but we don’t want them (the girls) to disappear completely… As you know, I frequently blog about sports and my love of physical activity in general. My focus today is provide you with tips on choosing the ideal sports bra for the sport of your choice.

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing a sports bra:

  1. How much support do you need? Are you going to run a 10k or unwind with meditative yoga? The impact level of these two activities is different, thus, the level of support your breasts need is different. Sports bras are available in two cup types: compression or encapsulation. With the first type, your breasts touch because the fabric compresses them together to reduce bounce. The second type secures each breast in a molded cup and then compresses them against your body.
  2. Is the band size comfortable? For example: I have very small breasts, however I’m very muscular, which means that sometimes the tops I need vary in size from size from xsmall to small to ensure that the band isn’t so tight that it hurts. Keep in mind that the higher the impact level (of the physical activity) you do, the tighter (more adjusted) the band needs to be in order to provide your breasts with adequate support.
  3. What type of bra straps do you prefer? Again, keep in mind that they need to be tight enough so you feel supported, but loose enough so they don’t dig into your skin.

Once you’ve answered those three questions, you’ll be ready to choose the sports bra that best suits your needs and preferences based upon the impact level of the physical activity you choose. Sports bras are made with three different levels of support:

  1. Low impact – suitable for yoga and walking
  2. Medium impact – ideal for boxing, working out at the gym, etc.
  3. High impact – perfect for jogging, tennis, etc.

The terminology used for sports bras varies from one manufacturer to another; which is why it’s important to ask questions or try them (the sports bras!) on to see how well they suit you. That way, you’ll choose the perfect sports bra for your needs!


I’m wearing a medium impact sports bra in today’s pictures. It’s perfect for boxing or working out at the gym. I especially like the width of the band and the criss-cross straps on the back of the bra. The front-opening makes it especially easy to slip on and off. The bra is one of my favourites because I love the print of the fabric but I wouldn’t wear it for jogging or other high impact sports!


Today’s look:

Clothing – Hyba. By the way, if you shop at hyba.ca, you can save 20% on your order by using my discount code 20CAMILLE!!!

Photography – Vikki Snyder


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