Spring is right around the corner. Which means we are currently working on our newest pieces from our #EntreNousLC clothing line! The first part of our new arrival is definitely different. It's something that is practical, that will help protect your most cherish and beloved electronic item that you probably use every day (alright then, every two minutes!) and instantly becomes your BFF when standing in front of a mirror or at a restaurant. 

No need to say more! We're officially launching our  LeCahier PHONE CASE!

Many expressed their love for Cam's phone case so we've decided to work in collaboration with  Monster Stuff in order to offer you a phone case with our signature #EntreNous Le Cahier on it! The whole team was pretty excited to share the news with you all. 

Cam's phone often finds itself in her outfit of the day articles since the latter isn't too far from her. She even has it at the gym! Which is why she was pleased when MonsterStuff offered her to customized her phone as a gift last  year. Since then, Cam's phone has always been dressed to the nines. MonsterStuff also creates customized phone case according to your inspiration and taste according to your budget. The icing on the cake? Monsterstuff in a local brand based in Montreal.

Today, we're now inviting you, if you wish, to sport our phone case like Camille! Which models are available? Where can I get one? It's simple. All you have to do is head to and choose your phone case! Here are your tree options:


– Option 1: Same case as Camille's with her drawing and Le Cahier's logo


– Option 2: A "Le Cahier" cover , since we know you'd love it<3


– Option 3: Our favourite – a customize case with a drawing of YOUR OWN choosing. You can have your own drawing made like our  contributors, by illustrator Sally Faye. You simply need to send us your picture at [email protected] after your purchase. PLEASE use the same e-mail when purchasing your phone cover! Evidently, this option is pricy but you'll have your OWN drawing afterwards, which means, we'll send the picture back via e-mail that way you can share your drawing on social medias. 


Can't wait to see your new phone covers on social medias!

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