Last weekend, I had the chance of driving to the state of New York with my boyfriend, Marc, and my good friend Sophie. I was invited by Lake Placid's Tourist Board who offered me to discover White Mountain. I'll say this upfront: I only started to ski in my twenties. Therefore, I'm not as skilled as the majority of my friends, which never stopped me from loving the sport nor having the will to improve myself. Winter and I don't get along so well, in order words, it's a constant love/hate relationship. However, today, I'm ready to burry the hatchet and try the largest possible number of activities!

chalet cam lake placid

lake placid village

First and foremost, shall we start with video that will make you experience to the fullest our stay? Yes, we shall!

When I think of skiing, since I live in Montreal, I usually think of Tremblant, Sutton or Bromont. However, I was more than surprised upon learning White Face was only a mere 3 hours away from the city. It wasn't that far away. Upon our arrival, we checked-in at Lake House Hotel. The latter reminds me of a two-stories motel, where rooms have access to the parking lot. Ideal to transport our ski gear. The room has a cottage-inspiration, which made it even more welcoming and warm. To those traveling with dogs: your four-legged friends are welcomed at this hotel: the rooms even have little cushions especially for them. Cuteness overload.

lake placid vue

At 6pm sharp, we were expected at Lisa G, a well-known restaurant in Lake Placid. Once again: the words warm and welcoming come to mind whenever I think of the latter: we see regulars who are dressed in après-ski and know the menu by heart among tourists who are just discovering a charming place. Rare have I been greatly received in a restaurant such as this one: everybody were all smiles! If you go, I'd strongly reccommend you in getting their pesto calamaris and most importantly, their carrot cake!

restaurant pesto

restaurant gâteau carrotte

at 7:30pm we made our way to their ovale ice skating rink, olympic place at the heart of Lake  Place which is open to the public on evenings. The ice was well-kept and we truly had a blast, we were once again kids.

patinoire lake placid

patinoire lake placid patinoire lake placid

On Saturday morning, we woke early and head to the mountain at 9am sharp in order to fully enjoy every second of the day. At 7am, we ordered room service for breakfast and god, it was good! 

chalet dejeuner au lit

Despite the lack of practice, I love skiing. Each ski run brings me a small pride: like a kid! I love the sense of accomplishment I have once I know I've successfully ran down a ski slope which I thought would be too difficult for me. Whiteface is a very pleasant mountain for all. According to my boyfriend, Marc, and my friend, Sophie, who are two amazing skiers, they'd tell you this mountain has several slopes with differents points of depature atop of the mountain. That say, in a day you're able to have fun and also vary your ski run. We skied until 3pm. It was perfect.

ski lake placid ski lake placid ski cam lake placid

By heading back to the hotel, we stopped on the lake to see sled dogs and enjoy a drink of a terrace at the restaurant face the water wich offers great bonfires. We had hot cider and it was exactly what we needed after a long day spent in the cold!

ski chien traineau lake placid feux lake placid

At sunset, we went to Rustica, a restaurant I highly reccomend where the owner comes also from Montreal. The latter offers an Italian inspired menu with fine food. We were absolutedly impressed by their seafood dish and beets salad as appetizers. If you can, ask to be seated at the bar where you can get a more personalized experience.

restaurant village

After our meal, we thought we should go out, but we were so tired from our ski day that we decided to call it the night. 

Lake Placid is truly a weekend escapade for those who live in the area of Montreal and love winter sports. There are so much you can do: ski, ice skate, snowshoe and the list goes on. This small bucolic town allows you to have a break from work and it was exactly what Marc, Sophie and I needed.


ski lake placid

lake placid marche

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