Single means one, but does one necessarily mean alone? In my opinion being single and being alone are two different things. The first one is not up entirely to you, but you let yourself be the second one. I’m not saying that as a single gal you have to go from one-night stand to another to feel good with yourself and that’s what you ABSOLUTLY need to enjoy being single, but you can do whatever you want. You have the right to not be 100% OK with being single, but there is a line between not liking it and letting the loneliness grow and take over. Where would you stand?

Let’s see…

  • The lonely girl will eat 50 Timbits alone and feel guilty and sad about that. The single gal will be proud of licking the box at the end.
  • The lonely girl only thinks about her boyfriendless life and doesn’t feel loved. The single gal understand how important friendship is and cherish it.
  • The lonely girl wears her old ripped underwear everyday thinking no one will ever see them anyway. The single gal buys herself nice lingerie even if she doesn’t show it to anyone.
  • The lonely girl watches girly movies and cries because of her miserable life. The single gal watches movies. Any movie. With popcorn. Extra butter.

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  • The lonely girl will work out to look good for other people and change her silhouette. The single gal will do activities she likes, to let out some steam, to center herself, to burn energy or just for fun.
  • The lonely girl concentrate on her flaws and on why she is single. The single gal concentrate on her strengths and on where she is going.

All in all, the single gal fully lives her life. It’s alright to feel blue once in a while and hope to find your soulmate… but that doesn’t mean you have to hit rock bottom every time you are not in a relationship. Wake up. Do something. Don’t be a lonely girl! Take classes. Not to find a gorgeous man or woman who likes to do pottery, but because YOU love to do pottery. We have to stop thinking ‘’I’m alone’’ 80% of the time and let that thought dictating our actions. Watch movies just because you like cinema, listen to really loud music, write to your friends everyday. You don’t have friends? Make new ones! Sometime it’s easier to think about your friends first. My tip for you? When you feel like your drowning in your sorrows, take a bath!


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