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Today, I wrote an article which looks more like a Pinterest board, meaning I shall show you different bridal hairstyles  for short hair. Straightaway, the first tip you'll often hear is: don't cut your hair, simply maintain it, let them grow and you'll decide of the cut once you'll go for a test run at the hair salon. However, maybe you like having short hair. It's not because you're getting married that you necessarily have to let your hair grow. 

cheveux longs

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I mean, it might not be you nor your style but with that current hairstyle, if you let them grow for a year well your haircut won't look as fresh as before, am I right. You'll be at that awkward length and who the hell said you absolutely needed to have long hair on your wedding day? Total BS. 

In the spirit, here's 3 hairstyles that are easily doable at home with or without accessories. 

1. Have short hair yet can't tie them up…

cheveux courts tresse

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Might as well add an accessory for a glam touch:

accessoire cheveux

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cheveux courts style

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cheveux courts

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2. Playful short hair

Curl your hair, have your hair on one side, go for a simple hairdo such as a half pony tail but tied in an unique way that only the most talented hair stylists (clearly not me) can carry out.

cheveux style

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headpiece cheveux

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cheveux wavy

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3. Short hair yet long enough for some styling options

I'm talking about that mid bob length. According to me, I believe it's the perfect summer hairstyle. They look as if it's a long haircut, yet it isn't.

coiffure cheveux

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cheveux remontés

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cheveux bijoux

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Please don't try to please everybody. Don't be biased because your grandma dreams of seeing your wearing that white bridal gown WITH long and curly hair. However you, you picture yourself with a shorter hairdo and with an accessories such as a flower pinned in your hair. Don't forget that you're the one getting married and not your family married your other half. Hope these hairstyles gave you some much needed inspiration for your big day.

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