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Each year, we’re presenting you someone with an unique fashion style for our column named : “She’s Got Style” that sometimes, like two days ago for example, we’ll present you a fashionable young man who’s got style. Our columnist, Jennifer, would like to invite you to send us an email explaining that a friend of yours has a impeccable and crazy fashion style that needs to be seen by the world. Simply send us your email at [email protected] and who knows? Perhaps your friend will become next week’s muse…


Originally from Sainte-Marie, Thanya was a shy student back in middle school, confused and lost during high school and now, she’s a confident young woman. After sorting her life out after high school, she peruse her studies in hairstyling. She then found a job at Jumbo Jumbo on St-Jean Street in Quebec City. Guided by her passion, she now became a hairstylist for Redken where had a promotion to teaching her passion to new students. She set a new goal for yourself by finishing her studies to become an entrepreneur and open her own hair salon named Roche Papier Ciseaux! If you wish to meet her in the flesh, you can find her there starting next Tuesday on November 17th in Sainte-Marie. In parallel with hairstyling, that occupies a great place in Thanya’s life, she also shares a love for the environment and everything related to the latter. Unique would be the most appropriated word to describe her personality as well as her fashion style.


Fashion became an expressive tool for Thanya. Evidently, clothes have a particular importance in her looks, but any outfits that will be “on point” always start from the hairdo! Back in high school, she was lost, but now, her fashion style is very well mixed! She loves any type of styles and doesn’t shy away from trying them out. It’s in fact a challenge of hers towards the fashion industry: the will of being confident while sporting many fashion styles. It’s a challenge, but once you master the latter, it is in truth one of the best given advices. She also reminded us how professionals were of a great help and how important it is to trust them.


Thanya also told us how much she loves shopping at Forever21, H&M and Zara. Her most beloved shopping destination remains without a doubt her own closet! When we say “I’m not tossing anything anytime soon!”, Thanya fully understood this advice since it is very common for her to dive into her closet and give a second life to old forgotten items. She also turns to her entourage who didn’t understand that concept by recovering her mom’s old pieces or clothes that her friends were about to toss. She favors the price during her shopping session and obviously loves a great sale. Who would say they hate a great sale season?



Thank you to Lucie Anderson-Laurendeau for this incredible discovery!

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