There are days when you wish you had a thicker skin; days when you wish you weren’t a girl who cries at the beauty of a flock of birds taking flight, or because she’s tired, or because she imagines things that will most likely never happen. You know, the girl who sometimes cries “for no good reason”. (Yes, I’m that girl and perhaps you are too). Being sensitive can be challenging in less than obvious ways.

There are times when the people around you simply don’t understand your reactions, and truth be told, sometimes you don’t understand them yourself. You absorb every spoken word, every action, and everything that’s going on around you.

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Regardless of what some people might think, being sensitive doesn’t mean you’re weak. Feeling is living. It’s a sign of compassion and sincerity. We shouldn’t be embarrassed to let our authentic emotions show. Sometimes your emotions can weigh upon your heart and you’re left crying unexpectedly while in the company of friends; or at work, hidden behind the pile of paper on your desk; or while reading a text message, and you just can’t “get a grip”. Nonetheless, we need to stop berating ourselves for being a “burden” or having “issues” because the fact is we feel “things” others might not get the opportunity to feel.

Yes, I’m that girl who gets choked up watching fireworks or witnessing a tender moment shared by an elderly couple. I’m that girl who fights back tears when someone pays extra attention to her. I’m still the girl who needs to take three deep breaths to avoid crying when too much happens too fast and she can’t quite absorb it all. I’m that girl who fights 365 days a year to maintain a happy balance between sensitivity and logic, and that’s okay.

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My message, should you see yourself in the words I’ve written, is… your sensitivity is a beautiful thing.

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