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With summer comes heat, with heat comes humidity (well, Montreal at least), and humidity is deadly for my curly hair! After a long winter, throughout which I got used to styling my hair without having to worry about the Humidex factor, I now have to get back in the habit of using my summer products and styling techniques if I don't want to leave the house looking like a poufy lion. I'm sure I'm not the only one currently in this situation and that even those with wavy or straight hair are having a hard time keeping their 'do under control. That's why I decided to share with you some of my tips and tricks so as to keep your hair fabulous looking all summer long!

If you want to keep its natural texture

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I love my hair's natural texture and I don't always have enough time to heat style, or even style them at all in the morning (AKA I hit snooze way to many times). In cases such as this one I rely entirely on the Aveda Be Curly line. I mix 1/3 of the Style-prep and 2/3 of the Curl Enhancer which I then apply to my damp hair. Trust me, this product makes all the difference! My curls are super pretty, defined and I get zero frizz for the whole day (it also works great for wavy hair)! For straighter hair (and even for mine when we're in the midst of a heat wave and I need extra protection against humidity) I recommend their Nourishing Styling Cream from the Smooth Infusion line: it'll smooth out your hair and fight off humidity all day long.

The quantity of product to use differs from person to person because we don't all have the same hair density and thickness. In order to find out what the maximum quantity you ought to apply is, gather your hair up in a ponytail. Now, measure its circumference by wrapping our index finger and thumb around the spot where you've tied it up. The total amount of product to put in your hair should never go beyond that circumference. Of course, if you have short hair then you'll need to reduce that quantity.

If you use heat styling tools

heat styling

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It's super-duper important to use a heat protection! If you don't, you'll damage your hairs' protein making them dry, brittle and prone to breakage (without mentioning all the extra work you'll need to put in in order to smooth them out and control the frizz). If you blow-dry them, I recommend using a product such as the Style-prep from Aveda's Smooth Infusion line. This product'll protect against heat and guard your hair from humidity for a good 12 hours (pretty impressive!). If you plan on using a flat iron, I recommend mixing it with the Naturally Straight product from the same line: it's specifically formulated to work in the cortex of your hair so as to keep them straight for longer periods of time!

If you have baby fine hair, I recommend using the Complete Anti-Frizz Care spray from the Kérastase Fluidissime line. The formula is lightweight and can be applied to both dry and wet hair (while the Aveda products can only be applied to damp hair). 

For when you have a bad hair day

If ever my lion's mane decides not to cooperate, I go for a simple hairdo such as a braid, a bun or a ponytail. On days where I want a little something extra, I add some accessories (like the ones bellow from Gina Made It, which are so freakin' cute)!

Source: Gina Made It

Source: Gina Made It

Sun protection and finishing products

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Just like our skin, our hair can also get damaged by sun rays. That's why it's important to get a good hair spray (or leave-in cream) with SPF. I personally love the Damage Control spray from Aveda's Brilliant line because it doesn't weight my hair down, it protects against heat and it gives incredible shine!

As a finishing products, I recommend using a hair oil so as to keep your strands heathy (oils also help tame frizz). Since my hair is very fine, I like to use Kérastase's Elixir Ultime fine hair , because it's so light weight it has a texture that's comparable to water (and it smells so good!) This brand also has oils for thicker and even color treated hair! To apply them, start at the bottom of your hair working your way up to your mid-length. You can then apply whatever is left on your hands by gently grazing the top of your head (that way you won't grease out your scalp or lose too much volume at the root).

What are some of your tips and tricks to style your hair in the warm seasons?

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