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I don't know what I love most about being a blogger, probably having the chance to experience all kinds of things that I'd never do on a daily basis. I've always being open minded and with my career in communications, these opportunities often present themselves meaning I could nourish the side of me who wants to try something new frequently. In fact, I'm of those who thinks curiosity is a tool that needs to be perfected, to work on it. That way I became a gourmet epicurean and I always took great pleasure into finding an amazing new foodie destination. A few days ago, I visited Siam restaurant located in Quartier Dix30 (on the south shore of Montreal) in order to discover traditional inspired Thai dishes. This visit came after a collaboration with Satori group who owns several restaurants.

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What I particularly liked about Siam was the lack of pretentiousness of the restaurant in order to replicate typical Thai dishes, instead, they succeeded in creating classic meals by adding a presentation that will any Asian cuisine's enthusiasts drool. It's an excellent way to pay homage to this type of cuisine by sharing traditional Thai dishes in a modern and friendly interior decor. The owners took pride in presenting their dishes in the most authentic way in order to offer an unique experience to its clientele. Honestly, it's the perfect location for a dinner out with friends, a romantic date night or even celebrate a special occasion with a larger group. The vegan menu or the group menu options translate the benefits of what Siam offers to its clientele and I can insure you you'll have a wonderful time spent at Siam. 

Here's what we had for dinner. 

I'll say this right away, the service was impeccable. Truly. Our waiter not only took the time to explain us all of the different dishes, but he was guiding us according to our own personal taste (poor him, my boyfriend and I don't necessarily like the same food). 

We then started with a cocktail, each. I loved mine, if ever you're undecided by looking at their cocktail menu, try Tom Yam Siam. Word of the day: fresh. Marc opted for a Green Garden, a stronger taste and perfect for my man.


As for appetizers, we had the chance to discover several tasting plates, which you can also order. The latter contains spring rolls, chicken satay, duck wontons, imperial rolls and wrapped shrimps. I fell in love with their spring rolls. As for the white, we opted for white, perfection.


For the main course, we dived into the Asian cuisine by sharing our meals. 3 plates for two persons, way too much but god, we simply wanted to taste everything. Food coma. Their beef panang curry was delicious, the meat was tender and to eat our rice with their sauce was simply divine. Their crispy chicken from the chef, it's like a general Tao chicken… but on steroids, so good. If it's your calling, don't hesitate.


Even if we were full, we still ordered their mango sticky rice, an incredible dessert with a traditional crème brulée with kaffir lime. 



Anywho, I strongly suggest you to check out Siam during your next night out on the south shore of Montreal. Don't forget to use the following hashtag during your visit : SiamDix30! 

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