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I’m normally not a chain-store shopper, not because I don’t like their merchandise, simply because I love being unique.  I hate when someone knows where I bought something, or simply when I cross someone on the streets wearing the same outfit.  Does it mean it’s ugly or tasteless? Nope, it’s simply because I love to use my imagination to put my own outfit together.  However, I am willing to break that rule sometimes! Who can resist a good sale? I know I can’t.  And the outfit I am showing off in this article is actually a sale look I couldn’t resist which came to life after excessive visits to Zara.

Zara.  This European brand made its name in the fashion industry for their reasonably priced trendy attire.  Zara has clothes for the natural simple girl but also for the out of the box daring fashionista.  They have a distinguished style and know how to stand outside the box while still being true to their brand.  While liking their store I absolutely hate shopping in it.  I only go there when there are sales because it’s always a mess and the table concept is just not for me.  Especially that yes, it’s reasonably priced but they do still have pricey items and they often find themselves on the floor because people just don’t care.  I also find it hard to find a specific item you’ve seen online or in a magasine because it is so unorganized.  A few times I asked one of their employees if they had something in another size, they would check and it would say they had it but there was no way to find it.  So overall that is my only complaint about this store.

Since June, I’ve visited Zara probably eight times because of their annual summer sale.  I put on my music and close my eyes to the mess for a good sale.  If you don’t know what I am talking about run there while it still lasts… there is less and less merchandise but you can still purchase their sale items on their website.  The look I am showing off in today’s article is mostly from the Zara summer sale rack. The ripped jeans are my daily go to at the moment. I fell in love with the fact that these are bootlegged ripped jeans.  While being a style that is very common, these pants stand out and are a very unique pair.  I paired these with white flats also purchased on sale at Zara.  They are part of the basic collection which is my all-time favourite since I love trendy but simple.  My tube top and jacket are unfortunately from thrift shops and are pretty unique.  I wanted to show that tubes can complete a look in a very classy and distinguishing way, while still showing the belly button. We often associate tubes to unclassy and trashy but it is all about the complete outfit.  Always remember that it isn’t about the piece of clothing itself but about wearing it tastefully. Whether it is a button up or a tube, both can be worn in a tasteless way. 

Last but not least, where did I wear this amazing look? Or simply where were these pictures taken?  I wore this outfit at the Buffalo RiverWorks beer garden in Buffalo, New York which is a another one of our (bf and I) discoveries. The beer garden is easily seen due to the old large grain elevators painted as Labatt cans.  This is a very unique spot to hang out during the summertime and it’s worth the drive down from Toronto.   The garden was made in old ruins and you can enjoy beer and drinks.  A whole day can be spent at the same area.  There are Buffalo boat tours leaving from that same location, kayak rentals and rock climbing inside old grain silos, but also on the outside part which is new for summer 2017.  I didn’t go rock climbing this time because I didn’t have the right attire, next time I’ll pack my lululemons and let you guys know how my full experience was. 

On that note, we still make our way to Buffalo a few times a month to discover new spots and I will continue sharing my discoveries with you guys.  For now, enjoy the summer sales as much as you can!

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