Sagittarian women try to protect themselves from being hurt by building walls around their hearts. They’re the last to go to sleep at night because their thoughts keep them awake. They like to flirt but they’re also very selective. If she chooses you, consider yourself lucky! Ah, Sagittarian women!

It didn’t take me long to realize how extreme we Sagittarians can be. We tend to extricate ourselves from situations when they don’t go as expected. That’s why our love lives, and even our friendships, can sometimes get a little too complicated for us. (Just take a look at how many articles I write for this blog that are centred on the topic of love, haha.) It’s not a lack of motivation, because believe me, we have lots of it when it’s something we truly care about. We simply want to invest our energy where it matters most. We forgive and forget quickly because we have a big heart. (Lift your hat to M #1, M. #2 , M. #3… :) ) We always look for the positive in every situation.

We don’t hesitate to stand up and voice our opinion despite being reproached for our apparent bluntness. We are sometimes impulsive, speaking and acting before thinking; however, we don’t intentionally hurt people, and when we do, we feel horrible about it.


Sagittarians tend to feel a little dissatisfied; comparing our lives to that of others. Our pride and our desire to perform is a driving factor in our everyday life. We are independant and self-sufficient by nature, making it difficult for us to accept help from others. Please don’t be offended if we refuse your help; we simply want to prove to ourselves that we can do it alone.

I must admit (gasp!) we sometimes have trouble accepting criticism! What can I say… we’re really hard on ourselves! We Sagittarians expect a lot from ourselves (perhaps too much) and we can’t stand to be micromanaged, which might explain why we are drawn to self-employment and doing things our way… (even in the bedroom, oopsie!)

Seducing a Sagittarian can be a little challenging. Guys, don’t try showing us how independent you are by being aloof because we’ll take it as a sign that you’re simply not interested enough in us and that’s a definite turn off. (TRUE STORY)

Then again, seducing us might be easier than you think; after all, we are very open-minded and adventurous… so what are you Aries, Gemini, and Leo gentlemen waiting for?

What we need in the end is to surround ourselves with people who are authentic, people who can make us laugh and are unafraid to show that they appreciate us, people who can calm our sometimes impulsive temperament.

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