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Ladies, I think you’ll all agree when I tell you there’s nothing more frustrating than a bad hair day. The worst part is it seems to happen when we really don’t have the time to remediate to this unfortunate situation. So, for the ladies who wishes to add one trick up their sleeve when comes time to grab the bull by its horns (or the frizzes) during a capillary crisis, here are my 5 hair dos über easy to obtain in order to tame that rebellious hair.

1. Braid

Ah, these dear braids that recall our childhood. Know now how in vogue these little babies are, however, only sport one. Two braids on each sides of your ears, it’s the hairdo Anna wears in the iconic Disney movie Frozen, you know, that movie all kids under 8 can’t live without… so if you want to look like a kid, braid away, if not, avoid it at all cost and keep reading!

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Only emphasize on one braid, sideways or like the classic back braid. It exists several alternatives to the conventional braid, notably the fist ail braid or multiple braids, which are several braid who intertwine in order to create one big braid. Super cute. Small tip: in order to maximize the maintenance of the braid, I’d suggest you to apply a styling cream at the team prior to the braiding process. I love to use this particular  one.

2. Ponytail

I shall show you a few ideas of a more timeless and sophisticated ponytail: cute alternatives who will push back the hair from your face and that will be great to sport at the office or even in class. No matter if you’re wearing it low or higher, it’s basically my lifesaver when I have no clue what to do with my hair.

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3. Half bun

This hairdo is suitable for all hairstyles, whether you have long or short hair, straight or wavy. Super easy to create during a rushed morning, this hairdo is perfect to wear with a casual outfit.

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4. Top bun 

Once again, there are many alternatives out there, but the technic that works each time and perfect for the ladies with lots of hair is the donut style. You can now get your own little gadget (sponge donut) in any good stores (Sephora, Jean Coutu…) for about 6-7$ according to its size. The secret for the perfect bun? Lots of hairspray for a slick look which will last all day!

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5. Low bun 

What’s great with this lower bun version is that it doesn’t need to be perfect. In fact, the messier, the better. So there’s nothing more easy: you can do whatever with your bun and fix the overall with bobby pins and you’re good to go!

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