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When I dare saying I go for a run, regardless of the season, whether I'm talking about summer or winter, I often get weird looks: winter in Quebec? Yes. It's possible. It's not as hard as it sounds. Simply need proper equipment and ensure you won't catch a cold nor slip. Moreover, when you're running during winter, each day is different, you need to then change your running gear according to the weather. It's mandatory.


Let's start about the clothes first. When you run, it's the same as if you'd go play outside: it all comes down to layering pieces. For your bra, nothing changes here, wear the same one you'd usually wear and add a tank top or t-shirt over. For those who are cold sensitive, I'd suggest you to add a merino top under your wind-jacket, yet the latter needs to breathe: it's the outmost essential point of your whole outfit. Often we choose a coat that protect us from the cold, think of when you're running, our body produces a fantastic amount of heat and the latter needs to be evacuated or else that's exactly the moment when you can catch a cold. Simple as that.



As for the pants, it all depends on the weather. At times, a simple thicker legging suffices, however during cold weather conditions, you can opt for pants with an impervious liner at the thighs; a bit like a cross-country skiing set. Something that will instantly block the wind. Once again, at the back of those pants, you don't have the same panel in order for the heat to evacuate. 

For the shoes, it really depends if there's snow or ice. For today's look if you look at the pictures, I'm wearing normal running shoes that can be worn regardless of the season. We can clearly see how there's little to no snow, that way I can adapt. I however love to run on the Mount-Royal and in order to do so, I opt for thicker running shoes which keep my feet warm and also have spikes so that I can be more steady whenever I'm running on a patch of ice or snow in general.


To conclude, I'm not showing the following statement since today is a rather mild day, but a running headband and gloves should be your best friends. My dad once ran without a headband and had a severe ear frostbite afterwards, you should never neglect this danger! 

That say, after all of this acquired information, it's rather easy to go for a run during the cold season! Will you?

I'm wearing:

Clothes – Hyba

Sneakers – New Balance

Photos – Vikki

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