Roxane Bailey

Roxane Bailey is a beauty blogger, actress and student from Montreal. As a child Roxy was captivated by the perfection and allure of the “Disney Princess”, however during her teen years she sought to stand out from the crowd by rebelling against girly clichés and refusing to follow the latest fads.

Now she enjoys the freedom to explore the different facets of her personality through clothing, accessories and make-up, striking a balance between cute, fun, and edgy. Always looking to inform her readers of the latest styles, hottest products, trends and tips, she writes insightful product reviews and how-to articles for Le Cahier. Roxane believes that hair, makeup, nails and jewellery are all important mediums for self-expression and she is passionate about inspiring others to feel creative and empowered through fashion and cosmetics.

A Graduate of John Abbott’s Professional Theatre Program and currently enrolled in the Stephane Belugou Agency, she also enjoys contemporary dance, piano, singing, and drawing.

Her articles: