Two girls living together: a guy’s fantasy where both wander in their apartment in their undies. Well, it might be partially true. We’re often in our underwear, but that’s a private comedy event. Two sharks when you’re both dealing with that “time of the month”. Two horny girls when you’re craving sex (single life problems). Two crybabies whenever you watch a sad movies and two romantics if it’s a rom-com.

As for me, I’ve been living with a work colleague of mine for almost a year now and I can affirm it was love at first sight in terms of roomie.

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We do tons of activities together

Having suddenly a friend who’s in the room next door is motivating to go out often together. We go shopping, hunt for furniture, see a movie… we event went to a nude photography exhibit to say the least.

Over time, since we compliment ourselves… our self confidence is off the roof!

One night, we came back from grocery shopping and passed by a firehouse. (Ladies, the men were hot af).

My roomie: Girl, these firefighters are looking at us. 

Me: Of course, we’re looking pretty great today. 

My roomie: Everyday in fact. Check it out, even those in the car are looking at us. 

Me: We should create a fan club. 

And no we weren’t drunk.


Hormonal pool 

That’s probably the downside of our arrangement but an inevitable one. Two girls living together is source of friction from time to time. My roommate and I always have our period at the same time. Each month. When one of us cries for no reason, the other devours the pantry. When one eats a ton of chocolate, the other is made because her computer is taking forever to open.

This type of conversation usually follows:

Me: Who’s the dumb person who left the glass on the counter?

My (angry) roomie: It’s you, take a chill pill!

Me (seeing red): I AM CALM!

My roomie: For God’s sake, I can’t wait to have my period so it could be all over soon! 



Then, we just start crying. No men can survive living with us for more than 4 days.

We share our clothes, shoes, and even bras 

Here’s a tip: have a roommate who’s the same size as you. It comes in handy.

We have lots of shoes and handbags

Our entrance might give away that there are 4 girls living in this apartment. Our best buddy is simply discouraged since he’s noticed there’s at least a new pair that’s been added to our collection upon each visit (and yes, we both have the same best friend).

Working under the same roof has its benifits

This conversation usually follows:

My cellphone vibrates: it’s my boss.

My boss: Weather’s bad tonight. Want to have the night off? 

I was my roomie if she wants to finish work early.

She says yes.

Me: I can stay, but Laurence doesn’t mind leaving early. 

My boss: OK. 

BOOYA. Problem solved in two seconds.


And we often lives this type of situation

Me: Have any ideas who gave me this top? 

My roomie: Your mum! 


That said, if you too get along well with your roomie, it’s like you’re in an unofficial relationship.

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