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I’ve always been in a love/hate relationship with streaks. I’ve long associated them with tacky hairstyle and scary hairdo that were shown in old hairstyle magazines in the hair salon’s waiting room.


There was a time where changing my hairstyle was a daily activity (sorry my dear hair and thank you for keeping up with it!), I’ve always been reluctant to go with small streaks than an unified color. But in all, it’s all in the past! Because sweetie, you’re not tacky because you have streaks, far from that! Because, if you’ve done your research and have a great hair dresser, you can accomplish something truly amazing by adding streaks!

First, just go easy with the deco, please. Not because it damages your hair, but because the effect will seems more natural and you have streaks in the same color tone as your natural hair color.

 Big NO NO!


That’s better!



Another tip, go easy with the streaks or don’t even have some on the top part of your hair. It isn’t a question about beauty, simple of re-growth. Your top part will hide your re-growth and you won’t have to redo your streaks once every two weeks! If not, you can simply put some at the bottom, like a flash point, but only as streaks.


Also, go easy with the number of colors you choose. Unless, you’re going for a few colors in the same tone, but limit yourself to only one. By saying this, I have this awful picture of me popping up in my head when I was a kid that was loving way too much red, ginger and blond streaks. Abuse of colors right here, young lady!

Big NO NO!

degrede avec meche differente

That’s better!


Finally, I’ll say this again, the most important thing to remember: choose with great care your hairdresser! Yes, hair can grow, no problem or just add an other color if you’re not satisfy first. But having great looking and healthy hair is the most important thing before you start experimenting with your hair! And this is exhibit A to prove my case:


And that :

Oh, and I was forgetting this, ABUSE of Pinterest if you’re looking for ideas, it’s basically a gold mine for hairstyle! You’ll probably go as banana as I did! hihi!


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