After following my friend's suggestions and mentions that appealed to me from my little touristic book that comments on visiting great places or to avoid some in California, we made our way on a winding road for a good hour towards Bodie, a ghost town. First big let down of the trip. It was ÜBER touristic and not what I was expecting. After I've done a short hour of touring there: we crossed path with flocks of wild cows, turned around and ran ont he other side with dears, crossed path with wildlife animals, another turn to end up around the parking lot. That was our visit! 

It was impossible to get a picture without having 10 or twenty tourists in your shop, to have refuse access to at least 50% of the buildings because the latter were consider in too poor state to venture inside and because they could collapse without warning, rooms from houses that were opened to the public were barricaded in order to avoid looting. That say, it wasn't worth the look nor the entrance fee of the site. We were back on the road, made our peace with this disappointment and check what was next on our to-do list: direction Yosemite, big highlight of our trip! But beware, you need to plan hikes and book your stay on camping sites at least 6 months to 1 year prior to your arrival in order to fully enjoy this national park.


The latter is worldwide known for being one of the best hiking sites on the planet and truly deserves that title. After arriving late for our first hike, my boyfriend and I decided to go for a walk before looking for a camping site… after a 5 hour hike and climbing, the views were phenomenal, and then we were back to square one: finding a place to stay for the night. Two hours of research later we still stumble upon camping sites that were unfortunately full. Caught off guard the first night and the following ones, we put our names on the waiting list and to have at least a place where we can have a shower, a place to eat and sleep. I was able to go for a run in the morning in Yosemite's valley, the paths were flat enough and allowed me to have a great time while running in mild temperatures, enjoying my walks with amazing backgrounds and sunsets that were most  certain breathtaking. That say, I recommend this place to anyone visiting the valley whether you're active or not, I mean you have hiking paths of all level here so no one will be let aside. 

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Might as well give you a few tourist tips then: Go to this pastry shop: Epic Cafe. My boyfriend and I went and found it tasty. This coffee place is located in Menlo Park. As for Yosemite Lodge Food Court, might as well find an alternative since it's only a pit stop. With all these amazing landscapes and discoveries, it was now time to hop back on the road again to San Francisco.

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