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I often share my little road trips to buffalo with you guys but this time I will share my weekend getaway in another major city of the New York state (I am sure you can guess that I am talking about the famous New York City.)  I feel like I could go to NYC every day and still discover new spots.  So maybe New York is old news for you but trust me when I say there is more than just Time Square and Rockefeller center.  Don’t get me wrong at this time of the year Rockefeller center is beautiful but Christmas decorations are everywhere in the New York city area.  My friend and I decided five days beforehand that we needed to go shopping for the Holiday season somewhere other than just the local shopping malls.  We are both very different girls and both wanted different things but we came to agree that renting an Airbnb in the Brooklyn area was the best and cheapest option.  I am no Brooklyn connoisseur but after chit chatting with a few friends that have lived in the area, the Williamsburg neighbourhood seemed to be the upcoming area we wanted to stay in.  After finding an Airbnb, we were ready to go.  We didn’t have any plans really because who needs one.

Our first day was mostly a long drive, we arrived in the late afternoon and decided to make a touristy stop to Times Square (personally could’ve skipped that part haha.) As you can see, the Tourist attractions aren’t my thing but we were able to take a few good pictures.  After finding an Italian restaurant and filling up our stomachs, we escaped the manhattan shenanigans for a quiet evening in Brooklyn.  We enjoyed the art of mixology at a little gem called “Reclamation” in the West End of Williamsburg.  In the New York City proximity bars close around 4AM so what was supposed to be a “chill” evening ended up being a late night or early morning (whatever floats your boat).

Next morning all I wanted was a magical brunch because I was starving.  There was a lot of cool places in Brooklyn but we wanted to go shopping in Manhattan so we ended up finding this “insta worthy” nook called Penelope.  When I say “insta worthy” I mean it, because it was quite popular and we had to wait one hour to get a seat.  The food was worth it and I was able to enjoy a delicious apple mimosa.

Later that afternoon we went shopping.  When I go in other cities I love to visit the local Christmas markets, it’s the perfect spot to find original gifts.  This time we were lucky enough to walk right by the Union Square Christmas market without even planning it.  I was happy to find a gift for myself because sometimes we need to treat ourselves.  I fell in love with this Frida Kahlo candle and it fits perfectly in my little vintage apartment.

The last night of our weekend getaway we felt like going out dancing.  When travelling I often find it hard to find good places to dance because we don’t know the areas and some places may be clicky when it comes to the clubbing phenomenon.  In those cases Google is your best friend.  We found a lounge-style club called Black Flamingo in Brooklyn that had three guest DJ’s, the evening was amazing.

Looking back, I wish I would’ve been able to venture more in the Brooklyn area because Manhattan isn’t my piece of cake after all.  But I think that as a millennial we think about NYC and imagine the Gossip Girl lifestyle.   Guess what? Real life isn’t a TV show and over crowded areas makes cute picture taking very complex.


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