Let me introduce myself, I'm Geneviève Asselin-Demers, winner of Montreal's 2015 marathon. Athlete at times, the majority of my day would be spent with my sitting and doing maths and the other would be spent outdoors or at the gym to let some steam out. 

I've decided to write an article today about the best and worst moments of my two week trip spent in California. Before my departure, I thought I was going on a holiday, but I was also scared as hell to leave my daily routine behind for a two dreadful long weeks, away from my gym, my comforting meals, my Cartesian and simple life. Professional engineer, I rarely come out of my structured life. With a new boyfriend comes an adaptation period, compromises… my life has to change in order to make space for a new individual. The ultimate test: leaving for two weeks on a road trip in California.

I shall summarize tell you in brief my two weeks of being spent in the outdoors and shopping on one of the best strips in of California. 

Our flight left Montreal and a few hours later, we were then in Vegas. Completely disoriented, we were in Sin City, known for its casinos, high brand hand bags shopping and restaurants that wouldn't be recomended by your doctor.



I have to admit that walking on the Strip and seeing those boutiques, dinning out and attending great shows and pretty much going to bed way past 9pm didn't disappoint me (I told you, I usually have a strict routine).


We had a great moment when we spent a few dollars in those slot machines. I'm not too much of a player: no excess but just a few minutes of pure fun of pulling the lever on this one dollar machine. Concerts aren't what's missing in the Vegas. The market is indeed diversified and prices as well. Anyone can find whatever his/her heart desires. I saw Zumanity, I show that I loved and wouldn't hesitate in recommending the latter in a heartbeat. Pleasantly surprised by a small restaurant named Double Barrel Roadhouse, great fountain show at the Bellagio, that humongous buffet at Stratosphere Hotel, the time has come to hop on the road and our road trip was about to begun.


Stay tuned… the rest of the trip will shortly be written and published on!!

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