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Many of you might have sighed upon reading the title of my post. It’s understandable. Although I LOVE Travelling, I’m Always Happy To Return To Montréal… Partly For My Routine (I’m Not Kidding). Who would say such a thing? And yet… why not? It doesn’t take away from the fact that I start feeling anxious if I spend more than one month at home; at which point I start frantically searching for the best airfare to one of my many dream destinations.  All the same, there have been times when I was in a heavenly locale and all I could think about was being home, enjoying a quiet dinner with my darling, and running on Mont-Royal at 7:00 in the morning. None of it makes any sense. What do I miss most when I’m far from home? My friends, the people I love. It really didn’t bother me in the first few years. I couldn’t have cared less if I missed a party or special event: I was on a beach, at the top of a mountain, or at the bottom of the ocean. As far as I was concerned, my life was far more interesting, so I really wasn’t missing out on anything. As if life could be measured in such a manner! As though life was nothing more than a competition.

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We learn a lot over time. I’ve learned to balance the time I spend travelling with the time I spend at home and I’m all the happier for it. Spending more than a month in Montréal makes me feel every bit as anxious as spending time travelling alone (without loved ones). The whole thing seems both crazy and strange. I’m one of those people who wants everything: I want to travel, have my business, have a flourishing career, start a family one day with the man I love, and more… I want it all. I know. I believe that I can live a life of abundance but I cannot have it all.

So I make choices: I travel to the places I’ve dreamed of, exhilarating places, and sometimes I choose the routine of home life.

What do I love about my routine? Above all else, it’s the little things:

  1. My morning runs on Mont-Royal
  2. The weekly get-togethers with my closest friends
  3. The 10 minute walk to and from work
  4. Waking up cuddled with the man I love and the cats who open their eyes as soon as soon as I open mine
  5. Sunday brunch at my parents’ place

A routine is taking care of yourself daily, both physically and mentally. It’s not so easy to do when you travel for work and your every waking moment is scheduled, knowing meanwhile that your To Do list back in the office (in Québec) is getting longer and longer because you’re not there. Do I complain about it? Never. Would I prefer to travel less frequently? Never. I know how fortunate I am to do both. Thus, I always look forward to leaving and I’m always happy to return!

hyba, camille dg, mont-royal, montréal, sporthyba, camille dg, mont-royal, montréal, sporthyba, camille dg, mont-royal, montréal, sporthyba, camille dg, mont-royal, montréal, sport

The look:

Clothing – HYBA

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Footwear- Saucony

Photos – Vikki Snyder


hyba, camille dg, mont-royal, montréal, sport

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