Long live plain dresses! Honestly, I need more of these in my closet, because of the simple fact that they’re the perfect base for joyful winter layering. You can add a vest, jacket, scarf, tuque, printed tights, lots of bling (not at the same time, but you get where I’m going with this), since the prominent item would be this simple dress, the act of layering will instantly become 10 times easier to achieve without committing any fashion faux pas!

This dress was perfect for this task. I love its A line that truly enhance my silhouette. The cut is figure hugging at the top and is looser right below my waist. I love the little wrap detail under the chest, which is all you need to change a boring dress to eye-popping. I”m falling in love with the scarf as well, it has a great texture by also staying in a neutral tone which can be worn with pretty much everything. I’d admit that I’m a hard core accessory lover: I think I have way too much back home… and I’ll be honest here, my favorite are usually not very out there which means that I’m always wearing them.




The outfit:

Dress and scarf: Boutique Rocco

Boots : ALDO ici (they are super comfy and this is the type of model that is timeless)

Photos : Florence Corriveau

Makeup: Camille Buisson-Gentilhomme



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