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Last night in Québec we had the Gémeaux. But on the other side of the border, there was the Emmy Awards, which celebrate television artists in the USA. Don’t take this the wrong way, but I much prefer following the stars on the Hollywood red carpet. They are much more chic, they put in the effort to take our breath away and, often, wear designer dresses straight out of our dreams. Here is a mini-review of the top looks from the 2017 Emmys.

PS: I chose actors and actresses that I know, because I admit that I do not know everything about American TV and many of the celebrities did not ring a bell with me at all. Oops!

Sofia Vergara

On Facebook this morning, I read comments about Sofia Vergara being “too old for wearing a plunging neckline”. Hum, EXCUSE-ME? This woman is magnificent, who cares about her age? On the contrary I often admire her hyper-glam looks. She can clearly wear whatever she wants, including a garbage bag.

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Gina Rodriguez

Gina is known for her lead role in Jane the Virgin, and let me tell you that if you do not know this series, you MUST watch it immediately. It is available on Netflix and is deliciously entertaining.  It is kind of a telenovela parody, so, of course, a bunch of improbable misadventures happen to the character. What can I say about Gina’s look? Red is great on her, the plunging neckline is superb, but I am less sure about the pattern in the dress. You?

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Donald Glover

I admire men who dare a bit of colour on the red carpet, and this is a rather well-executed example if you ask me. Mr Glover wears purple beautifully. Him, I know he is there for the sitcom Community. You are looking for something a little absurd and light to watch? This is on Netflix for you. It is funny, but don’t try to understand everything. The universe of this community college is rather disjointed from reality.

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Millie Bobby Brown

The actress behind Eleven from Stranger things was absolutely sublime in this princess dress – a look that could not be further from her character. Speaking of which, Stranger Things is coming back soon. Are you excited?

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The gang from Stranger Things

These co-stars from the horror series seem to come straight out of the 80’s and were beyond cute in their suits. A special mention for the purple jacquard and the gold detailed velvet.

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Jane Fonda

Not that you could guess, but this woman is 79 years old and looks stunning in this long fuchsia  dress. She dares and the result is amazing! Psst! Have you seen the Netflix Originals series Grace and Frankie, with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? Another one to watch when you don’t want to think too much, but is still fun to watch and follow, because it is rare that we put the spotlight on two retired women as main characters.

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And you, what was your favourite?

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