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Whether you’re in High School or University, prom season is always exciting! Know that it’s NEVER too early to start dress shopping. There are tricks you can follow in order to avoid looking back at your prom photos and saying “WHAT was I thinking?”

Avoid wedding stores at all cost
Unless you absolutely want to look like a bridesmaid, AKA no, I would strongly suggest avoiding stores that sell the same dresses every season; selling tacky wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Unless you want to look like a 90’s princess, or Taylor Swift on a bad day.

No need to bust your budget!
Your prom is an important day, but you don’t have to destroy your wallet either. If you buy something too wild, there are chances that your dress will end up collecting dust in your closet for years before dumping it in the trash. What a waste! Instead, go for something wearable and dress it up with accessories. Being able to wear the dress more than once is totally winner.

You’re not going to the club
Princess dresses may be well in the past, but it doesn’t mean your only other option is to dress up for the club. Dresses that show too much cleavage are not appropriate for a night to celebrate with your school establishment. However, it is definitely an evening to remember with your friends and to dare new looks! If you missed out on an awesome New Year’s party, sequins are your friend for this occasion.


Shop online!
Back in my day (I sound old, I’m not), online shopping wasn’t as safe or popular. I SO wanted a dress that I had seen online, but I didn’t know enough to feel like it was the safe option. Today, if I had my prom, I would totally buy it online and be Happy like Pharrell Williams.

Odette at 1861
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–  Choose accessories; avoid overloading on bling bling/ glitter

–  Big taffeta dresses are cheesy

–  You’re going to want to dance, think about it!

–  Get your dress fitted if needed. Too long = too much trouble!

– You’re a princess tonight, but you don’t need a tiara.

I don’t have a prom this year, but all the options available these days make me want to go buy a dress anyway. Enjoy your prom!

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