You’re already in a relationship or you’re happy with the way things are and you definitely aren’t interested in meeting anyone at the moment? I’m happy for you! In that case, skip this article because it might be a waste of your time. But, if you’re trying to match up your best friend or your brother… read on! However, just to be clear, this article focuses on single men and women who are serious about finding their soul mate.

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I don’t know you. I don’t know how long you’ve been single. However, according to the three female founders of the Réseau des professionnels célibataires de Montréal (loosely translated: The Professional Singles Network of Montréal), it’s hard to meet someone decent. Once you’ve met your friends’ friends, introduced yourself to your new neighbours, given enough of your time to the “meeting a stranger in a bar” scene, and your colleagues’ brothers and sisters are already in relationships, and you’ve wasted enough time on dating sites like Tinder, how do you meet someone?

réseau, célibataire, professionels, montréal, vie, couple, rencontres, affaires

It’s situations such as those that prompted Naïma, Anjali and Sarah to launch a new singles network in February 2016. The three women simply couldn’t find any satisfactory options for meeting other singles; people like them, young professionals between the ages of 30 and 45 who are serious about meeting someone. Thus, they decided to organize cocktail hour get togethers; recreating the warm and convivial spirit of student nights, balls, and evenings spent among friends. And that’s what sets this network a notch above the others!

réseau, célibataire, professionels, montréal, vie, couple, rencontres, affaires

The drink and appetizer evenings are held in  the showroom of “Loue1Robe Loue1Tux”. The attractive venue is neither too big or too small. Indeed, it’s perfect for gatherings of roughly 30 people. Limiting the number of participants to 30 makes it possible to speak with everyone. What makes this approach particularly successful is the even number of men and women. Basically, every participant must be accompanied by a person of the opposite sex. Whether they be a neighbour or a colleague, what matters is that each guest is serious in his/her desire to meet someone. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that the tall dark handsome man, with whom you spoke earlier, didn’t just appear out of nowhere.

My question to you, given that you still believe in love, is what are you waiting for to sign up for the upcoming Réseau des professionnels célibataires de Montréal get together? Who knows, you might be someone extraordinary on October 21st! And, if you sign up before October 7th, you’ll be eligible for a discount!!! With just 30 guests per get together, you’d better not wait too long or you might miss out on the chance to meet the person of your dreams.

réseau, célibataire, professionels, montréal, vie, couple, rencontres, affaires

For additional information on the upcoming event, click here.

For the Network’s Facebook page, click here.

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