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Alright everyone, weather’s getting warmer, sun’s shinning brighter: spring is finally here! (Bye, bye winter boots.) And with Easter right around the corner we can’t help ourselves anymore: we have to put on pastel colors! However, applying pastel makeup can get messy and end up with you looking more like an Easter egg rather than an early May flower. Here are a few tips on how to wear these beautiful spring hues and keep it on trend with this year’s fashion. ;)

Unique pastel eye makeup.

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Putting a pastel color on your waterline is a fun way to give your eyes an unexpected pop of color. For this look, purple is the color to have! It compliments every skin tone and eye color, and is sure to give you that sweet, feminine look that’ll go perfectly with your laces and floral prints. ^_^

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We love pretty pastel shades during the day, but what about girls’ night out? By balancing the pastel color with a darker hue, you get to keep the innocence of the lighter shades, while the darker one adds some sultriness to the overall look. Draw on a cat eye, swipe on some mascara and girl you are ready to hit the town!

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This year the 80’s trend which includes this makeup look is back in style. Most of us usually stay away from using only one shade all over because we find it tacky, but applying a light pastel color on your eyes is a very flattering look. Add a final touch by swiping on some mascara for that extra edge!


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This is also a look that will be very popular this year and was all the rage at the Dior Fashion show: using a pastel eyeliner. Keep it simple by swiping on the eyeliner only or draw it on top of your black liner to intensify the look. ;)

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If you really want to get colorful and creative with this spring trend, using lighter shades of pastels with a pearl finish will make it more wearable. This look is sweet and super girly which makes it perfect for Easter!


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Want to try something bold and daring for that special event coming up? Try applying the colors on your eyes and then working them upwards to your hair line or downwards to your cheeks. You can be sure all eyes will be on you Miss Fashionista!

How will you be wearing pastel this season? Let me know in the comment section below! XD


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